Finance Qualifications You Can Study At False Bay TVET College

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Careers Portal spoke to Educational Specialists at False Bay College about the financial qualifications on offer at the college. They highlight some of the benefits of getting a financial qualification and what you would need to earn a qualification in that sector.

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Nereen Beukmand and Washiela Saffe, Education Specialists in Business Studies at False Bay Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) College have advice for students who are interested in working in the Finance Sector. Beukman notes that students should not deter themselves from pursuing a career in finance for fear of studying numbers being challenging.

She adds that whilst that may be true, “with the right effort and the right support, they are able to achieve the success they need in the studies.” Beukmand shares that studying finance is beneficial because

This is such a lucrative industry. There are so many job opportunities, it’s very competitive, there’s high earning potential.

Students can pursue various different jobs with a financial qualification, including work in the brokerage, insurance, banking, etc. However, to be able to enter this lucrative market, students will have to meet the study entry requirements.

The requirements to study programmes in finance at False Bay TVET College include:

  • If students want to study towards their National Certificate: Vocational (NCV) Level 2- 4 (Equivalent to grade 10-12), the minimum entry requirements to have completed their grade 9. 
  • Preference is given to students who studied business-related subjects like Economic Management Sciences (EMS).
  • Students must have achieved a minimum of 40% in Mathematics and English.

For students who wish to study a National Diploma of Financial Management, Saffe adds that the following requirements must be met:

The National Diploma is a three-year course, split into two. The first 18 months are theory-based and completed at the college, and the remaining 18 months are dedicated to completing an internship in finance-based companies.

The curriculum includes Financial and Cost and Management Accounting, with the inclusion of Computerised Financial Systems.

The NCV Levels 2-4 are completed over three years as well, each year being dedicated to each level. The curriculum also includes Applied Accounting, Financial Management, Economics and the Computerised Financial Systems.

The curriculum is designed to ensure that students are being taught what the industry requires in a hands-on and practical manner, as well as theoretical manner. 

Interested applicants can apply online by submitting:

  • A certified ID copy
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of their highest qualification

Thereafter, a selection committee will decide if the student qualifies. 

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Prospective students may apply for placement for Semester 2 for the 2024 academic year today. Applications may be done online via the college website.

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