Study A Yacht and Boat Building Programme At False Bay College

Are you interested in completing a Yacht and Boat Building Programme? You'll be able to learn how to design, construct, and equip your boat in the best way possible. This course will ensure that you are prepared for the industry. You'll be prepared for anything!


The Boat Building Academy was established in 2006 and offers the National Certificate: Yacht and Boat Building courses at NQF levels 2-3. An NQF Level 3 certificate makes a student eligible to enrol for the Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate: Yacht and Boat Building NQF level 4.

This course is intended to give you the skills and knowledge necessary for crafting your own boat. A wide range of disciplines (called Unit Standards, or US) is covered in the Yacht and Boat Building course, including Design, Marine Joinery/Woodwork, Fibreglass/Polymer Composite Fabrication, Metalwork/Welding, Marine Systems (including plumbing, inboard propulsion systems, hydraulics, gas and electrical), Computer Aided Drawing (AutoCAD), and Boat Building Standards.

In addition, you will learn how to use the tools and equipment that will be required to make your boat a reality.

Whether you want to build your own cabin cruiser or just a small fishing boat, this course has something for everyone.

Find out more about this Yacht and Boat Building NQF L2 –L4 course here.

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