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The University of South Africa (UNISA) is the largest open learning institution in Africa, with instruction happening over distance. Unisa offers a variety of academic courses, from certificate courses to doctoral degrees with students from South Africa and other countries. Unisa is a comprehensive university and their courses range across a spectrum of disciplines, including Law, Education, Business, and the Arts.

UNISA’s flexible study options are particularly appealing to working professionals and those requiring a non-traditional learning model. The University of South Africa's comprehensive digital library and online resources support a vibrant community of distance learners. UNISA is committed to fostering a culture of lifelong learning and provides an academic framework that promotes independent critical thinking.

Unisa Applications For 2024

Application processes, study materials, assignment submissions, and student interactions are predominantly conducted online, emphasizing UNISA's role as a technologically adaptive institution. You can also check your Unisa application status online. With a focus on empowering students through affordable, open-access education, UNISA continues to make a significant impact on higher education in South Africa and internationally, promoting inclusivity and academic excellence.

Does Unisa Allow Walk Ins

Unisa applications are done online so you shouldn't attend a Unisa office in person. Try to make an application online and you will be able to if there are spaces available on the course you are interested in.

MyUnisa Student Portal

Once you are registered with Unisa you will use the My Unisa student portal as your main point of contact between yourself and the university. The University of South Africa is able to manage with so many registered students (in fact it has the largest student body of any South African university by far) because they are able to communicate via online tools.

Unisa Vacancies - Unisa Careers

As the largest university in South African Unisa provides great career opportunities as there are regular vacancies at Unisa for lecturers, researchers and other academics. Unisa career options are popular particularly with those who are interested in research as there is less teaching with Unisa jobs than there is with full-contact universities. You can find the latest Unisa vacancies are posted online at the Unisa website under the Unisa Careers section.

Unisa Registration for 2024 - Unisa Online

You can now track your application and registration status at Unisa more easily with their new app. The new app is for both prospective and current students to use. From tracking Unisa applications to doing student admin, the app is said to do it all. As with all aspects of Unisa you can register for Unisa online and this usually makes things simpler for students. The Unisa website is one of the most popular websites in the country because the university has so many students. You can find the Unisa website at www.unisa.ac.za

Unisa Applications

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Latest UNISA articles

South Africa's largest university is still accepting applications for semester 2. However, students don't have long left to apply for admissions at Unisa. 

Examinations are set to commence at South Africa's largest university next month. The university has released the timetable for the midyear exams. 


Unisa is the largest open distance learning university in South Africa and allows students to have a flexible schedule. The university also offers a range of short courses.

Unisa recently opened 2024 second semester applications. Here's how long the Unisa semester 2 application period will be open. 


Out of all 26 public universities in South Africa which accept NSFAS funding, Unisa is the most different. NSFAS students at Unisa's NSFAS funding works differently when compared to other university students.

South Africa’s largest university is investigating more than 1000 students for allegedly cheating in their online examinations. Smart technology used by the institution allowed them to detect student dishonesty. 


Are you interested in a career in law enforcement? South Africa’s largest university offers a recognised qualification in policing. 

Unisa is one of the 26 public universities in South Africa and is also the largest university in South Africa. The Bachelor of Arts in Criminology qualification at Unisa is highly sought-after.



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