Learnerships 2024


2024 Learnerships in South Africa are now open. We have the latest details on available Learnerships for you. Learnerships are a uniquely South African option designed to rollout training and workplace-focused education to unemployed youth - and also people currently in employment but who need to advance their careers.

Seta Learnerships 2024 Online Application

The great news if you are applying for a Learnership 2024 is that you will usually have an online application to complete. The days of taking a taxi to a shop to print out copies of your CV, and then another taxi to the police station to have the copies certified, should be over. Most Learnerships in 2024 have an online application process so you can apply via your cellphone or laptop. So you just need data - or access to a wifi hotspot to be able to apply.

For unemployed youth the Learnership programmes allow you to gain meaningful workplace experience which will help you in securing a job. Being on a Learnership comes with the payment of a monthly stipend. Follow the Learnerships 2024 online application process to get your application in before the closing date.

Register for a Learnership 2024

When you register for a Learnership programme, you will receive skills development and training in a field of your choice, depending on the minimum requirements for each Learnership. The recruitment process for the Learnership will include checking what qualification you are currently at and seeing if that matches the level of the Learnership being offered. Often Learnerships require South African citizens with a Matric certificate, but this is not always the case.

Seta Learnerships 2024 Online Application

When you register to complete a Learnership programme, you will be paid monthly by your employers, for the period while you are in the Learnership programme - the amount depends on the the academic level of the Learnership, and the company/business procedures.  Companies will usually get an allowance from the relevant Seta to cover this Learnership allowance.

Online Learnership

Careers Portal brings you the latest South African learnerships available, whether that be Learnerships available in Gauteng, available in the Western Cape or Learnerships at Transnet; we have it all. You can go online and see the information we have on the Learnerships that are available.

Government Learnerships 2024

There are many Learnerships available with government departments in 2024 and you will find them all listed here on Career Portal. The government Learnerships 2024 could be in any department and much like Learnerships at companies you will be paid a monthly stipend. Government Learnerships are very popular because if you work hard and do well you have a good chance of being kept on to work full time at the government department. 

What is a Learnership programme?

A Learnership leads to a formal qualification and can be very helpful for unemployed youth, because you don't have to pay the cost of fees to kickstart your career. Learnerships 2024 are usually preferenced to South African citizens. They are promoted by the government as one way to help unemployed South African youth to gain skills and qualifications. They will also gain valuable work experience. Although similar initiatives are run in other countries as well, Learnerships are a specifically South African answer to the skills shortage.

Once the learnership programme is complete, you can expect to receive a nationally recognized qualification with both theoretical and practical work components, as well as valuable work experience and the opportunity for you to develop skills.

Many Learnership graduates have successfully completed a Learnership programme, and have used this as the first step towards an exciting opportunity, a rewarding career and overall progress and success. 

When you join, a Learnership programme typically includes the processes of a training element, which will usually be delivered by TVET Colleges in South Africa or an accredited training provider, and can span over a one year contract period.

Are Learnerships 2024 For Matriculants?

The academic requirements for learnership programmes vary with different institutions, but some businesses offer learnerships to people who do not have their matric qualification. 

Learnerships are an effective way to gain a qualification and get real hands-on training and career exposure, making it easier to gain employment after the duration of the learnership course is over. 

For many learnership jobs, the minimum requirements are a National Senior Certificate or National Certificate: Vocational, but there may be more specific subject requirements or even skills requirements such as computer literacy.

Learnership News

If you register for a recognised Learnership programme you will have the opportunity to gain a full qualification if you successfully complete the programme. This can be exactly the same qualification that you would receive if you had studied full-time at a college or university.

However there are some significant differences in the two different routes that you can take to get the qualification. The one difference is that rather than paying to study, as you do at a college or university, you will actually be paid a monthly stipend when you are on a Learnership.

Another big difference is that Learnership programmes don't start at one particular time during the year, like educational institutions do. Learnership programmes will start when the company hosting the Learnership are ready to start. For this reason its important to keep up to date with Learnership news so you will hear when a Learnership becomes available. Keep checking the Careers Portal website as we update the information on Learnerships available on a daily basis.

Companies that often offer Learnerships include Clicks, SAB, Eskom, Transnet, Discovery, Absa and others.

Which occupations offer learnership programmes?

Learnership jobs are offered in a wide range of occupations in South Africa, within a number of various businesses and/or training authority, such as:

  • agriculture
  • banking
  • construction
  • engineering
  • finance
  • food manufacturing
  • health services
  • insurance
  • IT technology
  • manufacturing
  • security
  • tourism
  • wholesale & retail
  • mining operations
  • road traffic law enforcement 

A Learnership Benefits Unemployed Youth Embarking On Their Learning and Growth Journey 

The national problem of unemployed young South Africans is well known to the government.

This is why the South African government decided to develop Learnership programmes that ensure young people without jobs and who are not working - particularly unemployed graduates in South Africa - are kept top of mind and can begin gathering experience through an exciting opportunity brought forward by learnership jobs.

The Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGWSeta) has learnerships available in all areas of the country, from Cape Town to Johannesburg - but this is not throughout the year. It is only during one of their funding windows for the Learnership programmes when applicants are invited to apply for learnership training contracts. 

SETAs assist the country in decreasing the level of unemployment in South Africa, which is why all companies should offer Seta Learnership opportunities to provide support to the unemployed in South Africa. 

Are you looking to join a Learnership programme for yourself or a family member? Regularly check our website for information.

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What Learnerships Are Available in 2024?

Careers Portal brings you the latest learnerships available whether that be learnerships available in Gauteng. learnerships available in Cape Town or learnerships at Transnet or Eskom, we have it all. 

What is a learnership? A learnership are usually done to secure a formal qualification. Once the learnership is complete you receive a nationally recognized qualification in both theoretical and practical work components of the Learnership training contracts.

Register here to get updates about the learnerships available now.

Current Learnerships Available Listed Below

Mining giant Glencore is offering a range of Learnerships to provide candidates with an opportunity to receive technical and work specific skills in the engineering trade fields they have chosen.

Absa has over 100 years of rich history and strongly positioned as a local bank with regional and international expertise, and are recruiting for young people to join their bank as a Junior Learner.

Here's your chance to join a 12 month Learnership opportunity for young people who have Matric to work at a depot of Total Energies to gain practical experience in logistics and administrative duties in the oil industry.

One-year Learnerships are available with the Royal Bafokeng Institute linked to a National Certificate in Professional Cookery or Food and Beverage Certificate.

Navigating the job market in South Africa can be challenging, especially if you don't have a matric certificate. For many, learnerships provide a valuable pathway to gaining practical experience and qualifications.

Opportunities are available now with Capitec bank. If you are interested in a career at the country's most exciting bank we have all the information for you on the Capitec Bank's Better Champion - Available now in Western Cape.

They are one of the most innovative and dynamic banking groups and now there's the opportunity to join a Learnership programme where you gain work experience and study towards a full qualification. We have all the details.

Learnerships were developed by the South African government in recognition of a general low level of skills, and formal qualifications, in the workplace.  The Learnership has many benefits both to the companies who employ the learners, and the learners themselves. We have outlined some of the key benefits of Learnerships for you.

Here's a great opportunity to join a 12 to 18 month Learnership programme with the country's leading consumer foods manufacturing group, Tiger Brands.

This General Management Learnership gives applicants the opportunity to gain relevant work experience in all areas of generic business management and gain a recognised qualification - all without any cost to them. We have all the details.

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Latest Learnership Articles

Navigating the job market in South Africa can be challenging, especially if you don't have a matric certificate. For many, learnerships provide a valuable pathway to gaining practical experience and qualifications.

Learnerships were developed by the South African government in recognition of a general low level of skills, and formal qualifications, in the workplace.  The Learnership has many benefits both to the companies who employ the learners, and the learners themselves. We have outlined some of the key benefits of Learnerships for you.

One promising solution to South Africa’s high youth unemployment rate lies in Absorption, a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) strategy that drives long-term employment and addresses the urgent need for job creation.

Amidst South Africa's staggering youth unemployment, innovative learnership programmes are the key to unlocking and accelerating skills development and employability for our youth. EduPower discusses the impact of creative learnerships on rapid skills development.

Emerging technologies must be integrated into Learnerships to equip our youth for 4IR. Rajan Naidoo, the Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy, emphasises the urgency for tech-driven skills in all qualifications to ensure economic competitiveness and inclusivity, urging educators and businesses to collaborate to ensure learnership curricula is agile and able to adapt swiftly to rapidly evolving 4IR demands.

Learnerships are programmes perfect for anyone who wishes to gain work experience and earn a qualification at the same time. It allows you to explore your options and establish yourself in the working world. We have all the learnership information you need, including learnerships available now.

If you do not have your matric qualification and are wondering whether or not you will still be able to apply for a learnership, we have the answers you need.

A learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to an NQF registered qualification. Learnerships are directly related to an occupation or field of work, for example: electrical engineering, hairdressing or project management.

National Disability Rights Awareness Month, which runs from 3rd November to 3rd December, should be recognised and celebrated by all South African businesses says Rajan Naidoo, Managing Director of EduPower Skills Academy. It’s the perfect opportunity for companies to showcase their commitment to inclusivity and diversity, demonstrating how they provide equal opportunities for all their employees, including those with disabilities.

In the lead-up to the Matric class of 2023’s final exams, anxiety looms. While some will pursue tertiary education, the majority face the highly competitive job market and the harsh prospect of unemployment.

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