MyUnisa - What The My Unisa Student Portal Is Used For By Students

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When you study at Unisa the main point of contact between you and the university is the MyUnisa student portal. We've got the information you'll need on how best to use the MyUnisa portal to ensure that your time studying with Unisa is a success.

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The University of South Africa (Unisa) is an open-distance e-learning university, which provides students with a flexible study schedule. 

The public institution has an official Unisa online student portal called MyUnisa that provides students with services that are vital to them throughout the academic year.

What is the MyUnisa student portal used for?

All Unisa students may make use of the MyUnisa portal to access their module resources, view quality study materials, submit assignments, interact and share with other Unisa students, email, and with your e-tutor or group via MyUnisa.

You need to stay up to date with your Unisa teaching and learning curriculum to know when you have to submit assignments or take tests via MyUnisa.

Unisa offers quality teaching and research for all Unisa students. Because resources are online Unisa students can just login to access all their resources and review the pages there and also share with other Unisa students via the student portal.

Here's How Unisa Students

May Access myUnisa

  1. Visit the official Unisa login page.

  2. To do your Unisa login, enter your MyUnisa username and password in the required field.

  3. Unisa students need to make sure that they enter their correct myUnisa account details.

  4. Click on the "Login" button for Unisa students. Unisa students can also login to the MyLife Unisa students email.

Unisa students who have access to an electronic device and the internet will be able to log into their myUnisa student portal.

Alternatively, Unisa students may also read our article How to use MyUnisa for further details on how this online student may be used by Unisa students.

"We urge Unisa students to please contact the myUnisa services should they encounter issues while logging in or need assistance via email," stated Unisa.

The university has also advised students to make use of their Unisa student services via the IT Help Desk or consult their official MyUnisa website for support and guidance.

Unisa students find that the university is also very strong on research and the leadership of the institution are committed to a strong future for both teaching and research for staff and students at Unisa.

It is vital with distance learning that you receive enough support for your studies so the leadership have done research on the methods of teaching and tutoring that will get best results. The vital elements are good feedback and extra support methods for students who are having particular problems.

How To Reset Your Password on the

MyUnisa student portal

Should you find yourself needing to reset your details on MyUnisa, keep reading to find out how to do so.

  1. "Invalid Credentials" will display if you have entered an incorrect "User Name" or "Password".

  2. Click on the "Forgotten Unisa-Password" option. 

  3. Fill in your "Unisa Student number".

  4. Click on the "Continue" option.

  5. Fill in your personal details.

  6. Click on the "Continue" option.

It is important to note that the password replaces both the myUnisa and myLife passwords for Unisa students.

Contact Student Services

For Any

MyUnisa Enquiries


[email protected]


012 429 3111 (Option 2)


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