Passing Matric: Requirements


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Matric is a big commitment. Over the course of the year, you will pour your heart, soul, blood, sweat, tears and every other cliche for effort into your work. And quite rightly so; a Matric certificate is an essential part of today's education and employment landscape. So passing the National Senior Certificate NSC exams allow you to pass Matric and open many doors for you. We detail the Matric pass requirements for you in this article.

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National Senior Certificate - NSC

South Africa's National Senior Certificate (NSC) is the country's main qualification for completing secondary education. It is awarded to students who successfully complete their Grade 12 examinations.

The NSC serves as proof of a student's academic achievement and is recognised both nationally and internationally. The certificate encompasses a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, sciences, languages, and humanities. It evaluates students' knowledge and understanding through a combination of written exams, practical assessments, and coursework.

Obtaining the NSC opens doors to higher education institutions and career opportunities. It is an essential milestone in South Africa's education system, empowering individuals to pursue their academic and professional aspirations.

Please remember that if you don't pass Matric there are many options for you. You might be able to repeat the year at your school - or register at a different school to re-do your Matric year. There is also the popular Second Chance Matric programme which is there to assist.

How To Pass Matric: What are the Requirements?

While there are options for furthering your education without one, your life will be one hell of a lot easier if you are able to pass Matric. With that in mind, it's probably important for you to know what the minimum requirements are for passing Matric.

Pass Requirements For Grade 12

Let's have a look at each PASS LEVEL in detail based on your results for the seven subjects.

Please note: You have to pass six of your subjects to qualify for these endorsements. This includes compulsory subjects and your home language.


Pass 6 from the 7 subjects offered

  • Home Language 40% (compulsory)

  • 2 x 40% & 3 x 30%

  • 30% Pass in Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT)


Pass 6 from the 7 subjects offered

  • 4 Subjects x 40% (level 3) achievement

  • Subjects include Home Language at 40% Compulsory Pass / excluding Life Orientation

  • 30% Pass in Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT)

A diploma pass will give you access to a diploma course at many universities and colleges. Although some people will be disappointed with the diploma pass it is still an achievement and allows access to a wide range of


Pass 6 from the 7 subjects offered

  • 4 Subjects x 50% (level 4) achievement

  • Including Home Language 40% Compulsory Pass / excluding Life Orientation

  • 30% Pass in Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT)

  • The Department of Basic Education has revoked the list of designated subjects with effect from September 2018

  • The minimum admission requirements for a Bachelor's degree programme remain the same, namely, a National Senior Certificate with a minimum of 30% in the language of learning and teaching of the Higher Education Institution (HEI), coupled with an achievements rating of 4 (50-59%) or better in any four (4) NSC subject except Life Orientation. If you are to taught in English and your home language isn't English they will look very closely at your Matric results for that subject.

  • Although this pass allows you to go to university it isn't enough for many degree courses. You will have to review your APS score (Short for Admission Point Score) which is based on your subjects to see if you qualify for the exact course you want to study.


  • Bachelors

  • Admission to Bachelors Degree: the learner can go straight to University or degree course. A bachelor's degree pass is the ultimate achievement description you can find on your Matric certificate.

  • Diploma

  • Admission to Diploma: the learner can proceed to a Diploma Study course which could be at a TVET College, private college or a university.

  • Higher Certificate

  • Admission to Higher Certificate: the learner can proceed to a Higher Certificate Study course which are offered at many institutions, including TVET Colleges, private colleges and some universities.

  • National Senior Certificate

  • Pass NSC: the learner has passed the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate exams.

  • Endorsed

  • Pass Endorsed NSC for learners with Special Educational Needs.

  • Did Not Achieve

  • Did Not Achieve NSC.

  • Incomplete

  • Result Incomplete.

These requirements were published by the Western Cape Education Department.


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Post-Matric Options


After completing your matric certificate exams, you are faced with a lot of post-matric options that can shape your future paths.

These options range from pursuing higher education at universities or colleges, entering vocational training programs, joining the workforce, or even starting your own business. There are so many choices but we are here to help.


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