Lerato Botha


Lerato BothaLerato is a student studying towards a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in English Language and Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Cape Town.

Lerato previously held the position of Editor-in-Chief at Varsity Newspaper, the University of Cape Town's student newspaper and is also a part-time writer at Portal Publishing.

Her passion for writing has been one that she has developed since her years in Primary School. Despite being a child of big dreams who wanted to try everything from being a lawyer, to a designer, to a therapist, Lerato always came back to writing as her desired career. News, Features and Opinions are three of her favourite topics to write for.

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Articles by Lerato:

Becoming a part of the South African Air Force (SAAF) is both a risk and an honour. However, to get the job, applicants have to meet a range of requirements.

Between all the matric pass levels available in South Africa, the Bachelor’s Pass allows the student the most variety to pursue multiple post-matric opportunities without restraining the student’s options. The following is a description of these pass options, including what the requirements are for a Bachelor’s Pass.


The Checkers shop franchises are popular around South Africa and are in abundance, providing ample opportunity for people to find work and form part of the Checkers brand. Below is a guide on how to apply for work at a Checkers branch. 

When choosing high school subjects, students can feel pressured into taking pure mathematics instead of mathematics literacy in fear of not being able to secure a high paying job with just maths literacy. This, however, is a common misconception as there are many solid, well-paying jobs that learners with an education in maths literacy could pursue in their adulthood.

Millions of students across South Africa have come to depend on NSFAS funding for the pursuit of their educational dreams. If you are looking to enrol at Northlink TVET College, you may be one of the eager prospective students who want to know whether or not NSFAS will be able to fund your education.

The nursing profession is a commendable and selfless one in which a licensed health care professional is tasked with caring for the ill. There are a few different paths to take to become a qualified nurse, here are a few factors to consider if you wish to pursue nursing as a career path.


As the amount of students in need of NSFAS funding grows, applicants may find it harder to track their funding status. As such, NSFAS has made tracking easier.

Student loans have become a very helpful alternative to bursaries and scholarships for students looking to fund their tertiary studies. In South Africa, there are a selection of places that offer student loans that can be applied for online.

While you may not be able to attain a degree without matric, you can enrol for many other study courses. Unisa offers the opportunity to study such courses.

Careers Portal spoke to Educational Specialists at False Bay College about the financial qualifications on offer at the college. They highlight some of the benefits of getting a financial qualification and what you would need to earn a qualification in that sector.

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Post-Matric Options


After completing your matric certificate exams, you are faced with a lot of post-matric options that can shape your future paths.

These options range from pursuing higher education at universities or colleges, entering vocational training programs, joining the workforce, or even starting your own business. There are so many choices but we are here to help.


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