Why Is My R350 Grant Application Approved But Not Paid? - Sassa R350 Grant Payment Date

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The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) was introduced to support vulnerable individuals who are unemployed and do not receive any financial support from the government. However, many individuals who were approved for this relief mechanism have not received grant payments.


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South African Social Security Agency News

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has revealed that millions of people have been approved for payment of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. However, many of these individuals have not received any money.

Why Is My Sassa R350 Still Approved But No Payment?

Sassa revealed that several factors may be delaying the payment of the SRD grant applicants whose applications were accepted. This mainly related to the information provided by grant applicants.

Question: I am Sassa approved but no pay date what do I do?

Those approved but not yet paid are those whose records are outstanding bank records and accounts or accounts provided with failed bank verification or accounts pending verification from National Treasury or those who selected cash send payments

Sassa is urging individuals to ensure their bank details are correct as incorrect details could prevent their R350 grant payment. This is because one of the most common reasons for unpaid grants is incorrect beneficiary details when the payment date comes. 

What Happens If SRD Is Approved But No Pay Date?

One of the biggest reasons for approval and non-payment is the fact that Sassa might not have your correct and updated bank details. 

Grant beneficiaries can visit the SRD Grant website to update their information for the R350 payment and other Sassa grants. 

Please visit the SASSA official website to ensure that the details that Sassa has for you, are indeed correct - especially if you were approved but not paid. You run a Sassa status check on the website to check the social grants and all the Sassa payment dates.

Here Are The Reasons You Were Approved for SRD Grant But Have No Payment Dates

Banking Details 

Sassa advises grant beneficiaries who have been approved for payment but do not have a pay date to ensure they upload their correct banking details. 

If you have not provided SASSA with any banking details at all, please do so without delay by updating your bank details on the SASSA website at srd.sassa.gov.za

Postbank SRD Grant Payment 

Sassa revealed that some beneficiaries requested to open a Postbank cheque or savings account. However, this option is no longer available. The Postbank is controlled by the South African government.

Sassa recommended  that you either open an account with Postbank yourself and provide Sassa With your Postbank bank details, or open an account with a different bank and provide Sassa with the details to ensure payment.

CASH Send Payment Method 

If you requested cash send/ mobile money payment and were approved but have not yet received payment, this is due to the fact that Sassa could not connect your cell phone number and ID number beyond any doubt to each other.

Sassa can thus not make any cash send payments.

In this regard, clients are advised to rather provide SASSA with alternative bank account details to ensure payment.

If you do not fall within any of these categories, but have been approved and still not paid, it is recommended that you contact the Sassa Customer Care Call Centre on 0800 60 10 11 for further assistance and investigation.

Sassa Grant Verification 

Sassa undertakes several verification checks to ensure that SRD R350 grant applicants are deserving of the grant they are applying for. One of these verification checks is done by checking the applicant's bank and look in their account for funds exceeding the allowed threshold.

A means test is a tool used to determine whether a person is eligible for financial assistance. In the case of the SRD grant, the means test checks if an applicant exceeds the income threshold of R624.

SRD Grant Application

If an applicant exceeds the income threshold, their SRD grant application will be rejected while if the amount of money in their account is below the threshold, they will be approved for payment.

The applicant must also be unemployed, between the age of 18 and 59 years old and not receiving other forms of financial support from the government to be approved for payment.

Sassa Application Status

The South Africa Social Security Agency manages grants and allowances for groups in South African society needing assistance. This includes grants for children, the older persons grants and disability grants. SASSA also manages the R350 grant for the special relief of distress during the Covid-19 crisis.

SASSA payments can be paid through an account at a bank, through your SASSA card, through a Post Office or through CashSend. Your SASSA grant is there to assist you with your basic needs. 

A large number of SRD SASSA application were rolling in heading to srd.sassa.gov.za due to SASSA R350 grant. The website serves many purposes. Not only can you do your SASSA application for R350 on there, you can also check your SASSA SRD status by completing a Sassa status check. This is also the SASSA official website to correct bank records and account details, and other information. 

SASSA also gives a chance to a SASSA grant application which was rejected in the form of a SASSA appealClick here to gain access to the SRD appeal link.

SASSA Contact Number

If you're trying to find the SASSA contact number or SASSA contact details for SASSA grant enquiries, or the SASSA website or SASSA Twitter, click here.

When you want to check your Sassa payment status the first thing for South African citizens to do is check that they meet the eligibility criteria for the financial assistance.

Depending on which of the social grants it is, for example the Child Support Grant, foster child grant, Disability grant, Old Age grant, or the R350 grant, the Sassa grant payment dates will be different.

The Sassa grant payment method will be the same but the Sassa grant dates are different on purpose to try to avoid lengthy queues. The Sassa SRD grant specifically can cause queues as so many people are receiving it each month. The Social Relief of Distress grant was introduced during Covid because it was found that so many more people require additional financial assistance.

SASSA Website

The Sassa website was soon bombarded by applications for the SRD R350 grant - and then regularly by people who wanted to check Sassa status online.

Payment processing has generally been efficient with bank account details captured for the majority of grant beneficiaries, and if they are one of the eligible individuals they receive their Sassa payment online directly into their account at their bank.

Guidelines on How To Apply For The Sassa R350 Grant

  1. Visit the Official SASSA SRD R350 Website: The primary platform for checking your R350 grant application status is the SASSA SRD R350 website.
  2. Application Details: Be ready with your South African ID number and the mobile number used during the application process.

Checking Your Application Status:

  1. Navigate to the SRD R350 Grant Section: Once on the SASSA SRD website, look for the section dedicated to the SRD R350 grant.
  2. Enter Your Details: Input your ID number and mobile phone number in the relevant fields.
  3. Submit for Status: Click on the 'Submit' or 'Check Sassa Status' button to view the status of your application.

Understanding Application Status Responses:

  1. Application Pending: This means your application is still under review.
  2. Application Approved: Your application has been successful, and you should receive your grant soon.
  3. Payment Dates Provided: Indicates the date on which you can expect to receive your grant.
  4. Application Declined: This means your application was not successful, often with a reason provided.
  5. Application Inactive: This status usually appears if you have not claimed your previous month's grant or if there’s a lapse in application.

If Your Application is Declined:

  1. Reason for Decline: Understand why your application was declined. Common reasons include alternative income sources detected or data mismatches.
  2. Submit an Appeal: If you believe the decision is incorrect, you can file an appeal. SASSA typically provides a specific timeframe for this.

Appealing a Declined Application:

  1. Visit the SRD Website: Use the appeal tab or link provided on the SRD website.
  2. Submit Required Information: Fill in the necessary details for the appeal process.

Regular Updates:

  • Keep Checking: SASSA updates application statuses regularly. If your status is 'Pending', check back periodically.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep Your Phone Active: Ensure that the mobile number used for the application is operational, as SASSA may send important updates via SMS.
  • Contact SASSA for Queries: If you have issues or questions, contact SASSA directly through their customer care channels.


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