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The South African Social Security Agency, better known as SASSA, provides many SASSA Grants to vulnerable South Africans to help improve standards of living in society. These SASSA Grants include the Social Relief of Distress Grant (R350 grant), SASSA Temporary Disability grant, SASSA Disability grant, SASSA Child support grant and many others.

Even though you might be in a hurry to fetch your R350 grant payment, SASSA has said that you can't just go fetch your grant. Keep reading to find out what needs to happen before you fetch your grant.

SASSA has said that students who receive NSFAS bursaries and NSFAS allowances will not qualify for the SRD grant. The R350 grant kicked off with it’s second round just last month.

Now that August is over, SASSA has said that they have received almost 12 million R350 grant applications. Verification processes do however continue.

Millions of South African residents submitted applications to benefit from the R350 grant. This grants is geared towards unemployed individuals who have no other incomes or grants being paid to them.

Data should not be something you have to worry about as you plan to apply for the R350 grant, and it isn't. You do not need data when you wish to submit an SRD grant application online.

With the first round of R350 grant payments officially underway, SASSA has said that thousands have already been paid. They now aim to have paid 2 million people by next week.

R350 grant payments have officially commenced. One payment option is to receive the grant through the Post Office. Keep reading to find out how this works.

SASSA has revealed that another way to submit your R350 grant application is through the SASSA ChatBot. Applications for the grant are now open and will remain open until March 2022.

Beneficiaries of the previous cycle of the Special Relief of Distress grant still have a chance to claim their uncollected grants. There is of course a deadline to do this so keep reading to find out all the details.

SASSA R350 grant payments were supposed to commence on the 23rd of August but the agency has now announced that these first payments have been postponed. The grant is set to run until March 2022.

The day has finally arrived as SASSA will begin processing payments to all those approved for the Special Relief of Distress grant from today. SASSA has also provided some clarity on R350 grant payment dates.

SASSA has now revealed when R350 grant beneficiaries from the previous and the new cycle of the grant can expect payments. The agency has also given further payment details.

Are you supposed to apply for the R350 grant every month or do you automatically to receive the grant every month? Keep reading to find all the answers you need.

Applications for the new cycle of the R350 grant are open and students form part of those interested in the grant. Many are now asking if they can apply if they have a NSFAS bursary. Keep reading to find some answers.

Beneficiaries of the previous round of the SRD grant are being urged to fetch any uncollected grants and have been given a deadline for them to do so. Applications for the new round of R350 grants are now open.

SASSA has received over 6 million SRD grant applications in just a matter of days. This then leads one to ask: how many times can I apply for the R350 grant?

SASSA is now processing over 6 million applications, which they say is the cause to some delays with the application channels. They have now spoken about payment deadlines and how payments will work.

Applications for the new R350 grant are up and running with SASSA preparing for the first payments to take place. If you're wondering when these payments will happen and about R350 grant payment dates, keep reading.

With R350 grant applications well underway and the first payments being paid out soon, one might ask how long these payments will go for? SASSA has given some answers so keep reading to find out.

Now that applications have opened for the Special Relief of Distress grant, applicants are now being urged to submit their banking details. SASSA had this amongst other details to say about the new round of R350 grants.