Change SRD Phone Number - How To Update Your Contact Details For R350 Grant

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Has your contact information or mobile number changed since you first applied for the R350 grant? If yes, here is how you can update your contact information for the Sassa Social Relief of Distress SRD grant, to ensure that you continue to receive your financial assistance each month.


You may have gotten a new phone number or sim card since you first applied for your SRD R350 grant, however, this affects your communication when it comes to Sassa notifying you about your grant. Fortunately, you can update your contact information on the Sassa SRD website to give them your new cell phone number.

Who Is Sassa?

SASSA stands for the South African Social Security Agency. It is a government agency in South Africa that is responsible for the distribution of social grants to eligible citizens, including older persons, persons with disabilities, and children in need.

How To Change Your Cellphone Number For SRD R350 Grant

It's quite possible that a Sassa beneficiary would change a phone number or perhaps submitted the wrong cellphone number. You will then want to change phone number with Sassa. Don't forget that you have to use your own phone number and cannot register some else's mobile number.

Those who have applied for the grant and would like to change their contact information, like your cell phone number, can do so by contacting Sassa's phone number: 0800 601 011 - then select Sassa change number.

If you do not know your application ID number, you will be able to find it on the SRD website. You will find your application ID under the application status tab. You can also run a Sassa status check on your account.

How to locate your application ID

  1. Visit the SRD website

  2. Click on the yellow bar.

  3. Fill in your ID number and the cell phone number used when you applied for the grant. Make sure that your contact details are correct, especially your South African ID number, your cellphone number, and the SRD phone number attached to your application ID.

  4. Select “Submit”.

Once you have selected the “Submit” button, your application ID will appear in the first line.

Besides your phone number, applicants can also update their bank details should they change, as well as complete a status check online for your Sassa SRD application. You should do this when you have changed your number with Sassa..

How Are Sassa SRD Grants Paid?

SASSA payments are made in various ways. They can be paid through bank accounts, through your SASSA card, through Post Offices or through CashSend. Grants will be paid to the bank account provided in your application, so ensure that your banking details are correct and that you update them should they change.

You will also receive all communication from Sassa via the mobile phone number you provided in your application.

Retailers Where You Can Collect Your Grant

You can also collect your grant through a retailer like Shoprite, Boxer stores, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Usave and Spar stores.

Does the Post Office Distribute SRD Grants?

Unfortunately, the post office payout system is no longer available.

Types Of Sassa Grants

Besides the R350 grant for the social relief of distress Sassa also manages other grants. These include grants for children, the older persons grants and disability grants, among others.

Sassa R350 Appeals

SASSA also gives a chance to a SASSA application which was rejected in the form of a SASSA appeal. Applicants will need to appeal within 90 days of receiving their rejection. There are a number of reasons why your application may have been rejected.

Sassa SRD Grant Banking Details

If you need to change your Sassa banking details - including banking details for your SRD grant we have all the details for you. As the grant is re-approved every month you need to make sure that your banking details with Sassa are correct or your grant won't be paid. The bank account must be in your own name as grants can't be paid into someone else's account. You'll find all the details in our Sassa banking details FAQ. You can also view our video on how to check your Sassa grant status.

Frequently asked questions about the SRD Grant

1. Can I apply for the SRD Grant if I am employed part-time?

- No, the SRD Grant is specifically for individuals who are unemployed and not receiving any other form of income or social grant.

2. Can I receive the SRD Grant if I am a student?

- No, the SRD Grant is not available to students who are receiving financial aid or a bursary. You will see this confirmed on the Sassa SRD website.

3. How long does it take to receive a response after submitting an application?

- The review process can take some time, and it may vary depending on the number of applications received. It's important to check for updates regularly and be patient. Make sure you have used your correct ID number and correct phone number.

4. Can I reapply for the SRD Grant if my application was rejected?

- Yes, you can reapply if your initial application was rejected. However, it's important to review the reasons for rejection and address any issues before submitting a new application.


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