R350 Grant Payment Dates For 2023 : Sassa Payment Dates

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It's important for Sassa grant beneficiaries to know when the South African Social Security Agency will be paying out their monies. Hence, the government agency has released a payment dates schedule for various grants.


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Monthly, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) pays out various grants to millions of individuals. This is done on behalf of the Social Development Department.

Sassa already has a grant payment schedule which contains grant payment dates that it follows to make sure that social grants are paid on time to the correct person. The types of grants that can be collected monthly include the Disability Grant, Child Support Grant, and others.

When Is The Sassa R350 Grant Payment Date?

However, in a statement, the government agency has clarified the following about the Sassa R350 grant payment date:

There is no fixed grant payment dates for the special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant.

Where To Collect Grant Payments

Bank Account 

R350 Grant Beneficiaries can choose to have their Sassa payments for their grant paid directly into the beneficiary's bank account once their grant payment dates are confirmed. This allows them to withdraw funds as soon as it is available in their bank account according to the grant payment cycle. This is considered the easiest way to get your grant payments.

Cash Send 

Individuals who do not have a bank account can make use of the R350 grant CashSend Sassa grant payments option. Grant beneficiaries use their ID numbers and phone numbers to access their monthly grant money. You must have a cellphone with a registered cellphone number and proof of identification to use this grant payment method. 

Retail Stores 

Grant beneficiaries can collect their monthly grant money payment at several retail stores around the country to withdraw funds. Pick N Pay, Checkers, Shoprite and Boxer stores pay the R350 grant. 

If you are unsure whether you have been approved for payment, and worry about the chances for payment issues,  you should do a Sassa status check.

How To Check Your Sassa SRD Status Online

  1. Visit the Sassa SRD website

  2. Scroll down to 'Application status'

  3. Click on 'Click here to check online'

  4. Fill in the required fields

  5. You should then be able to see the status of your R350 grant application on the status dashboard

Social grant beneficiaries may also alternatively do a Sassa status check by using the Sassa official WhatsApp number to check on Sassa grant payments.

Do you know you Sassa payment status?

How To Check Your Sassa Status On WhatsApp

  1. Add the Sassa official WhatsApp number to your contacts: 082 046 8553.

  2. Open messaging app and send a message to the WhatsApp number that says "Status" followed by your ID number whether you're a South African citizen or not.

What is the reason my SRD grant was rejected?

If your grant application was rejected by Sassa you can submit an R350 grant appeal. This appeal application must be submitted to the Independent Tribunal For Social Assistance Appeals. 

How To Submit An SRD Grant Appeal

  1. As you did with your SRD grant application you should first visit srd.dsd.gov.za

  2. Click on the green bar that says 'click here to lodge an appeal or check appeal status'

  3. Enter your ID number

  4. Enter your cellphone number

  5. Click 'send pin' and wait for the SMS which will contain the verification pin

  6. Enter the pin and click 'submit'

  7. Select the month you are submitting an appeal for

  8. Select the drop down arrow and choose the reason for your appeal 

  9. Click 'submit'

Additionally, you must appeal for each month that your request was rejected. Applications for appeal will be reviewed by an independent tribunal and you need to keep a check on the appeal status and for your social grant payments to start again.

How To Do A Sassa Payment Status Check For Your Appeal

  1. Go to Sassa Appeals Website

  2. Enter ID number

  3. Enter cellphone number

  4. Click Track appeal

​​​​​​You can also call the Sassa Call Centre about your social grant payments at 0800 601 011.

When Will I Know If My SRD Grant Appeal Was Approved?

In terms of how long you have to wait before you receive feedback regarding the outcome of your successfully submitted appeal application, Sassa has stated that the Independent Tribunal will inform you of your appeal status electronically, via a confirmation message, within a period of 60 - 90 days from lodging of the appeal.

This keeps things slightly separate from the main South African Social Security Agency and the Social Development Department.

Social grant beneficiaries can keep track of their appeal status in the meantime, but keep in mind, the appeal process may take some time on Sassa's side as there are millions of applicants that have also submitted SRD grant appeals. It takes a while to get through every applicant's appeal application. 

The grant has undergone through a number of changes since its introduction, and some of these include qualifying criteria, improved systems and also it being extended a few times. Also the grant payments have not always been reliable and grant beneficiaries have suffered.

However, Ramaphosa has assured the current SRD grant recipients that they will continue to receive the government's financial support until March 2024.

Some lobby groups are of the opinion that this financial support is much more needed as the aftermath of the pandemic is still lingering. They have also called on the government to find ways to make the grant permanent as the Sassa payments are becoming crucial to so many people.

How is the financial assistance of the SRD grant benefiting recipients?

Some people have argued that the wide range of social grants is turning South Africa into a welfare state with too many people receiving grant payments.

New research from the University of Cape Town has revealed that this grant may have actually increased the chances of finding work for grant recipients.

One of the co-authors and UCT researcher, Tim Kohler said they have found that the SRD grant improved the labour market outcomes of recipients by 3% and these improvements were identified during the lockdown period.

There has been a decline in the number of beneficiaries receiving grants and 10% of the SRD grant beneficiaries have migrated into employment, indicated Social Development Director General Linton Mchunu.

 What Is The Eligibility Criteria For The SRD Grant?

Although the SRD grant was implemented by the South African government as a temporary social relief measure during the pandemic, it has been extended multiple times. You can still apply for the SRD grant, but there are a number of eligibility requirements that you will need to meet.

  1. Citizenship: Applicants need to be South African citizens, permanent residents, or refugees registered with the Department of Home Affairs.

  2. Age: Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 60 years old.

  3. Income: Applicants are required to have little to no income. The exact income thresholds are determined by SASSA and subject to change. Generally, individuals who earned above a certain amount (specifically determined by SASSA) were not eligible for the grant.

  4. Unemployment: Applicants must be unemployed and not receiving any other form of income or social grants or money from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF payment).

Find Your Nearest Sassa Office

If you need help with your grant application or checking up on your grant status you can always go and visit your nearest Sassa office. The government officials will be available to assist you at the Sassa offices.

Frequently asked questions about SRD SASSA Grants

These are common questions people have about the South African Social Security Agency Sassa.

  • How often can I apply for the SRD Grant?
    • SRD Grants are typically provided on a monthly basis. However, you only need to apply once and then make sure if you continue to meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Can I receive other social grants while receiving SRD SASSA Grants?
    • Unfortunately not. One of the main requirements is that the SRD SASSA applicant should not receive any other grants and sources of income to qualify for the SRD Grant.
  • How long does it take for an SRD SASSA Grant application to be processed?
    • The processing time for SRD SASSA Grants may vary, and it's advisable to allow sufficient time for your application to be reviewed. Factors such as the volume of applications and any additional verification required can impact processing times.
  • Can I apply for SRD SASSA Grants if I am employed?
    • SRD SASSA Grants are primarily designed to assist individuals facing financial distress or economic hardships with social assitance. If you have a stable income above the threshold set by SASSA, you may not be eligible for SRD SASSA Grants. However, it's recommended to review the eligibility criteria and consult with SASSA directly to determine your eligibility.
    • What is the SRD Grant application status? You can do a Sassa status check and you will find you SRD grant application status.

To find out everything you need to know about South African Social Security Agency Sassa grants and the SRD grant, head to our Sassa section.


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