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Raigan Cloete

Raigan is a full-time university student and a part-time writer for Portal Publishing.  Her weekends and varsity vac times are spent helping the Careers Portal and News Portal teams stay up to date with the latest news.

COVID-19 Alert App

The COVID-19 app is a notification system and it is not a contact tracing app. There is no way for it to be used to ‘spy’ on you.


The Unisa Western Cape Region has made available an Open Educational Resource for UNISA students.

Student Loans

Tertiary education costs a lot of money and for someone without the funds it can cause them to miss out on getting an academic qualification. However, there are options available such as taking out a student loan.

Capitec Clients Receive Double Deductions

Nedbank confirmed that, on Friday during the early hours of the morning, a few Capitec clients received double deductions on payments made on Monday the 7th of September.

Impact On Children During COVID-19

A survey was compiled to examine what children have faced during the pandemic. Six months ago, the report was instituted and more than 25 000 children were interviewed.





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