sassa R350 grant application online


The South Africa Social Security Agency manages grants and allowances for groups in South African society needing assistance. This includes grants for children, the older persons grants and disability grants. SASSA also manages the R350 grant for the special relief of distress during the Covid-19 crisis.

SASSA payments are made in various ways. They can be paid through a bank account, through your SASSA card, through a Post Office or through CashSend. Your SASSA grant is there to assist you with your basic needs. Click here to find out how SASSA SRD payments work.

With the introduction of the SASSA R350 grant, there was a large number of SRD SASSA application were rolling in with heading to, as the website serves many purposes. Not only can you do your SASSA application for R350 on there, you can also check your SASSA SRD status. This is also the SASSA website to correct banking details and other information. 

Sassa provides a social relief of distress grant of R350 per month to individuals who are unemployed.


Interested in the SASSA R350 grant? Wondering which documents you need to apply? We have everything you need to know about your SASSA application for R350 so keep reading.

Interested in the SASSA R350 grant? Wondering how you can apply? We have everything you need to know about your SASSA application for R350 so keep reading.

Since it's reinstatement, the Special Relief of Distress grant has received a wide response. Now, after you've submitted your SRD grant application, you will then check your application status. Here's what a 'Aug Pending' SASSA status check means.

There are a variety of responses you could see once you do a SASSA R350 grant application status check. One of these could be 'Reapplication Pending' and you might be needing further clarification about what this means, we're here to help.

Are looking to apply for the R350 grant online? Well keep reading to find out how to do so. 

Applications for the Special Covid-19 R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant have opened and there are many ways to apply, keep reading to find out how to apply on Whatsapp. 

SASSA R350 grant applications are now open. There are many different ways to apply but is using the Moya app one of them? We have the answers for you as well as other details on the SRD grant applications.

New day, new fake news story floating around. SASSA has now taken to their social media to clear the air when it comes to whether you need to be vaccinated to be eligible for the R350 grant.

Wanting to apply to the new round of the SRD grant? Here's all you need to do so as well as the ways you can submit your R350 grant application.

August 2021 marked the beginning of applications and payments for the new Special Relief of Distress grant. We've now been given insight into how this round of R350 grant payments will work. Keep reading to find out all the details.

Social Development Minister, Lindiwe Zulu, announced when applications will open for the Special Relief of Distress grant as well as when payments will begin. Keep reading to find out all the latest details.

Government is said to be announcing the exact dates for when Special Relief of Distress grant applications will open today. The Social Development Minister confirmed that it will open this month and gave further details on the reinstatement of the grant.