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Parents in Gauteng are eagerly awaiting for the 2025 schools admissions application period to open in order to secure their child's placement. However, the education department in the province has backtracked on a previous statement about 2025 school applications. 

There are millions of grant beneficiaries in South Africa. Sassa has confirmed when all grant beneficiaries will be paid in July 2024. 

NSFAS ensures that thousands of poor students can achieve their academic goals. However, challenges with the schemes administration has negatively impacted the individuals who it is intended to assist. 

There are millions of people who will be paid the SRD grant in June 2024. Sassa has revealed how much approved SRD grant beneficiaries will be paid. 

The cost of tertiary education can often prevent students from achieving their academic goals. Students who require funding are encouraged to check out the ISFAP bursary. 

Millions of individuals have been approved for Sassa SRD Grant payments in June. Sassa has confirmed when beneficiaries of the R370 Sassa grant will be paid. 

Thousands of learners require placement at schools in Limpopo for 2025. The provincial education department has opened the school admissions application period. 

Millions of people are currently benefitting from child support grants offered by Sassa. The grant payment agency has confirmed the payment dates for child support grants for 2024. 

Youth unemployment remains a serious problem in South Africa, with nearly half of individuals aged 15 to 35 unemployed. To combat this issue, the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) was launched in 2019 by the South African government aimed at creating sustainable employment opportunities for young people.

With Unisa having recently closed their Semester 2 applications, many students are now awaiting Unisa registration to open. The University has now released the Unisa Semester 2 registration dates, including those for Postgraduate study.

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Against the backdrop of alarming youth unemployment rates in South Africa (SA), ALX, a leading career accelerator and tech training provider, is transforming youth employment and pioneering digital transformation by providing young individuals across the continent with access to cutting-edge technical skills.


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