How To Complete Your UFS Registration

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Registration has officially opened for first-year, postgraduate and senior students at the University of The Free State. Here's you can complete your online registration. 


1. Have your student number ready

When you applied for your chosen programme you would have received a unique 10-digit student number.

2. Make sure that your UFS password is active

You will need to use an active password to be able to access the UFS electronic systems such as the student portal (PeopleSoft Campus Solutions).

3. Complete the compulsory registration task with the registration agreement on the student portal

You will need to login to PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to complete the registration task and sign the registration agreement. 

4. Make the first payment five working days before registration or submit confirmation of your approved bursary/loan

You will be registered once if you have:

  • No outstanding fees your account, proof of funding
    submitted or you have made the first payment. 
  • If your request for registration could not be processed
    by the deadline due to either of the documents and/or payments
    mentioned your request will remain incomplete. You can refer to the Registration Terms of Conditions for more information.

5. Contact your faculty for curriculum advice

You can contact your faculty if you need any advice regarding the degree or learning programme you are registering for. They will be able to advise you on what modules to take as well as the technical navigation of online registration. 

6. Register for your modules

Registration takes place according to your Faculty Advising Schedule. Make sure that you register for the correct modules before the deadline. Under certain circumstances you may be able to correct your incorrect registration at a fee.


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