University is a place for learning, growth and self-discovery, and where you live influences the type of learning you undergo. Living on-campus is pretty normal for incoming first year students so, if you are a first year student, this article might just be a fun read. For more senior students, you might use this article as a guide to help you weigh your housing options.

Graduations are celebrations, but few realise the struggles that many students face in getting across the finish line. One such student is Nkululeko Dlamini, who overcame multiple difficulties to complete his engineering studies at the University of Cape Town.

It's that time of year when applications for colleges and universities are open and you have a limited time to get all the necessary paper work in in order to be accepted. Many of the colleges and universities also have a limited amount of bursaries or funding available which you need to look into before it is to late to apply for those too.

We know that students might be tempted to live off of 2 minute noodles and takeout, so we're going to show you how to make some simple, cheap recipes that will have you eating healthily! Episode 1: Greek Lentil Soup

The Central Application Clearing House is called CACH and allows you to apply for courses that are still available for varsity or college.

Starting your time at a university or college is an exciting prospect, but it can also be a little scary. And, for those of us who have to move away from home to study, finding accommodation is one of the challenges we need to overcome. Let's unpack a couple of the options available to you in terms of student accommodation.

As thousands of First Year students head off to varsity in coming weeks, education experts say they should embrace the excitement and opportunity, but also ensure they start off on the right track to ensure they make a success of their studies right from the get-go.

With the release of university results in coming weeks, many first years have to face up to the fact that their transition from school to higher education was less successful than planned, and that they need to re-evaluate their current path.

President Zuma has responded to the Fees Must Fall campaign with a major announcement on student fees for varsity and college students.


British university courses are available online so you can study them from South Africa. With Futurelearning you can learn online with free access to UK university courses.



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