How To Check Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal Status For May 2024

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Sassa has evaluated millions of applications for the SRD grant in May 2024. People who were rejected from receiving the SRD grant and submitted an appeal can check their appeal status. 

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The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) revealed that close to nine million people applied for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. While many of these people have been approved for payment, not all have been approved for an SRD grant payment.

SRD Grant Increase

In March 2024, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana announced that the SRD grant payment would be increased from R350 to R370. Social Development Minister, Lindiwe Zulu confirmed the grant increase of R20 in Government Notice No. R. 3210 of 29 March 2023.

The increased SRD grant amount of R370 came into effect on 1 April 2024 and beneficiaries are set to benefit from the increased amount at the end of the month. 

Unsuccessful SRD grant applicants are encouraged to submit grant appeals if they feel that Sassa was incorrect in rejecting their application. They must submit these appeals to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). 

The ITSAA’s role is to decide whether the decision of Sassa must be upheld, varied or set aside after consultation with a civil society member. The ITSAA has the power to consider all applications for appeal by an applicant, beneficiary or a person acting on his or her behalf.

More and more people are submitting appeal applications. The ITSAA has 90 days from to decide on appeal applications This is in line with the requirements of the Promotion of Administration Justice Act (PAJA).

If you submitted an SRD grant appeal, you can check whether or not the ITSAA upheld Sassa’s decision to reject your SRD grant application or decided to approve your SRD grant application. 

How To Check Your R370 Sassa Grant Appeal Status For May 2024 

Step 1: Online: Visit the Sassa Appeals Website.

Step 2: Enter your ID number and cell phone number.

Step 3: Click Track appeal.

The tribunal will notify you of your appeal status electronically within 60-90 days of submitting it

Appeal requests are now handled by the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals. Appeals can take several months to be finalised - the tribunal has three months to consider your application.

The tribunal's decision is final. However, you can challenge it in the High Court within 180 days if needed.

Preventing Payment Delays

Earlier this month, Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu confirmed the insertion of Section 6C into the Social Assistance Act. This was a critical choice as it will ensure that individuals who previously qualified for the SRD grant will continue being paid until May 2024.

The legislation enabled Sassa to use a beneficiary’s March 2024 assessment information to determine if a beneficiary is eligible for an SRD grant payment in April 2024. This eliminates payment delays for the coming months. 

Section 6C is a temporary measure to keep things running smoothly while they switch to the new system. 

To ensure uninterrupted assessments and payments made during the transition between the Regulations published on 29 March 2023 under Notice No: and these Amendment Regulations, the Agency may use data used during the March 2024 assessment cycle, in terms of regulation 2, for continued assessments of clients up to 31 May 2024

How to apply for SRD SASSA Grants

Applying for SRD SASSA grants can be done online. The most convenient method is to apply online through the official SRD SASSA website.

To begin the online application process, visit the SRD SASSA website and look for the SRD application section. You will need to create an account and provide your personal information, such as your ID number, contact details, and banking information.

Make sure to double-check your information for accuracy to avoid any delays in processing your application.
Once you have submitted your application, it is essential to keep track of its progress.

SASSA provides a reference number upon submission, which you can use to check the status of your application. This brings us to the next section, where we discuss the required documents for the SRD SASSA Grants application.

Required documents for SRD SASSA Grants application

Due to R350 grant applications having to be submitted electronically, you won’t need to submit any actual documents. Sassa has said:

Sassa shall conduct online verification of personal information supplied through other alternative electronic means of data validation and verification. No physical documents are required.

When you apply, you’ll be asked to submit your ID number or your Department of Home Affairs Refugee permit number, if you are a refugee.

It's crucial to note that these requirements may change over time. Therefore, it's recommended to consult the official SASSA website or contact a SASSA representative to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding the necessary documentation for your application.

By ensuring you have all the required documents ready, you can streamline the application process and avoid any unnecessary delays.

Tips for a successful SRD SASSA Grants application

While applying for SRD SASSA grants may seem daunting, following these tips can increase your chances of a successful application:

  • Double-check eligibility: Before applying, thoroughly review the eligibility rules and criteria to ensure you meet all the requirements. This will help avoid unnecessary rejections.
  • Gather all required documents: Collect all the necessary documents and double-check their accuracy and completeness. Incomplete or inaccurate documentation may lead to delays or rejection of your application.
  • Apply early: Submit your application as soon as possible. SASSA grants are often in high demand, and applying early can help ensure your application is processed promptly.
  • Keep copies of all documents: Make copies of all the documents you submit for your records. This will come in handy in case of any discrepancies or inquiries regarding your application.
  • Follow up on your application: Regularly check the status of your application using the provided reference number. If there are any delays or issues, contact SASSA for assistance.

By following these tips, you can navigate the application process more effectively and increase your chances of a successful outcome. Now, let's explore how you can check the status of your SRD SASSA Grants application.

Checking the status of your SRD SASSA Grants application

After submitting your SRD SASSA Grants application, it's natural to wonder about its progress. Fortunately, there's a convenient way to check your SASSA application status

Upon submission, you will receive a reference number. This reference number is essential as it allows you to track your application.

To check the status of your application, visit the SRD SASSA website and navigate to the application status page. Enter your reference number and any other required information.

The system will then display the current status of your application. It's important to note that processing times may vary, so it's advisable to be patient and allow sufficient time for your application to be reviewed.

If you encounter any issues or have concerns about the status of your application, don't hesitate to make contact with SASSA directly. They will be able to provide additional information and assist you in resolving any queries or concerns you may have.

The appeal process is administered by the independent tribunal which provides legal aid services. You can check appeal status via the Sassa website by searching with your South African ID number to review your criteria for the SRD grant and the Sassa R350. A successful appeal for the Sassa R350 will be shown on the Sassa website under the Sassa appeals section.

Each month Sassa will review you bank account and bank statements as well as your personal details relating to the Sassa R350 grant. They check eligibility for the Sassa  SRD grant each month so even if there is an initial rejection you should stay informed over the following mnoths as the R350 grant can be paid in subsequent months if you qualify.

Now that we've covered the application process and how to check your application's status, let's address some frequently asked questions about SRD SASSA Grants.

Frequently asked questions about SRD SASSA Grants

  • How often can I apply for SRD SASSA Grants?
    • SRD SASSA Grants are typically provided on a monthly basis. However, you only need to apply once and then make sure if you continue to meet the criteria to remain eligible.
  • Can I receive other social grants while receiving SRD SASSA Grants?
    • Unfortunately not. One of the main requirements is that the SRD SASSA applicant should not receive any other grants and sources of income.
  • How long does it take for an SRD SASSA Grant application to be processed?
    • The processing time for SRD SASSA Grants may vary, and it's advisable to allow sufficient time for your application to be reviewed. Factors such as the volume of applications and any additional verification required can impact processing times.
  • Can I apply for SRD SASSA Grants if I am employed?
    • SRD SASSA Grants are primarily designed to assist individuals facing financial distress or economic hardships. If you have a stable income above the threshold set by SASSA, you may not be eligible for SRD SASSA Grants. However, it's recommended to review the eligibility criteria and consult with SASSA directly to determine your eligibility.

These are just a few examples of frequently asked questions regarding SRD SASSA Grants. If you have any specific questions or concerns, it's best to consult our SASSA section, the official SASSA website or contact SASSA directly for accurate and up-to-date information. Now, let's explore other government social grants that may be available to you.

Other government social grants

In addition to SRD SASSA Grants, the South African government offers various social grants to support individuals and families in need. Some of these grants include:

  • Child Support Grants: This grant provides financial assistance to parents or guardians of children under the age of 18.
  • Old Age Grants: Designed to support senior citizens, this grant is available to individuals who meet the age and eligibility criteria.
  • Disability Grants: Individuals with disabilities may be eligible for this grant, which aims to provide financial support for their unique needs.
  • Foster Care Grants: Foster parents or guardians can apply for this grant to assist with the costs associated with caring for a child in foster care.
  • Care Dependency Grants: This grant is available to individuals who care for children with severe disabilities or medical conditions.

Applying For SASSA Grants

It's important to note that each grant has its own eligibility criteria and application process. If you believe you may qualify for any of these grants, it's advisable to consult the official SASSA website or contact SASSA directly for more information.

Applying for SRD SASSA Grants can provide much-needed financial support during challenging times. By understanding the eligibility requirements, gathering the necessary documentation, and following the application process, you can increase your chances of a successful application.

Remember to check the status of your application using the provided reference number and reach out to SASSA for any inquiries or concerns.

It's also important to explore other government social assistance programs that may be available to you. The South African government offers various grants to support individuals and families in need, so it's worth exploring all the options that may be relevant to your situation.


In conclusion, we hope this ultimate guide has provided you with valuable information and empowered you to navigate the SRD SASSA Grants application process with confidence. Remember, financial assistance is within reach, and with the right knowledge and preparation, you can secure the support you deserve.


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