What To Do If You Forget Your NSFAS Login Details For MyNsfas

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If you have forgotten your username, password and cellphone number, you can follow these simple steps to reset your myNSFAS login details. It happens to the best of us but no worries, it can easily be solved.


Have you forgotten your old username, password or cellphone number to access your Nsfas funding. Are stuck when trying to log in to your myNSFAS account

This happens all the time so you don't need to worry. You aren't the first person to have problems getting into your National Student Financial Aid Fund accounts. Access to your Mynsfas account can be sorted out by following these steps.

NSFAS Login - Step By Step Guide

  1. Go to www.nsfas.org.za

  2. Click on myNSFAS portal

  3. Select 'forgot password'

  4. Type in your ID number and choose what you need help with: password or username or both

  5. Click 'submit'

  6. The username and the link to change your password will be sent via SMS and email

  7. Open the link so that you can be taken to the reset password page

  8. Reset your password by following the prompts on your screen

NSFAS has also urged beneficiaries of their financial aid to protect themselves from fraud by making sure that you log out of your myNSFAS account when you are not using it. So you will have to do a Nsfas login everytime you get back to the MyNsfas portal.

NSFAS Connect allows you to search frequently asked questions and their answers and search and submit queries and complaints. Dedicated NSFAS agents will respond to your inquiries on NSFAS Connect and you will be notified when there is a response on your inquiry or complaint via Email. 

This is a virtual contact centre, accessible from 08h30 to 17h00 Monday to Friday and can be accessed not only through the website but also, by EmailFacebookTwitter and Instagram.

NSFAS Application status

Understanding what you're reading when you're checking your NSFAS application status for financial aid is of utmost importance. It's easy to do a Nsfas status check.

There are many different NSFAS application status codes that are used and they have specific names. You will often see them on the NSFAS website.  Here's what your NSFAS application status means.

  • Application Submitted: 

    • This status message means that your application has been loaded on to the NSFAS system successfully.

  • Filtering: 

    • The system checks if you are a returning student and whether you have any previous qualifications. NSFAS will only fund you for your first qualification so if they find out that you have a qualification already you won't be able to get funding from them.

  • Validation: 

    • You will see that status message on the NSFAS website when NSFAS is conducting third party checks with SASSA and the Department of Home Affairs. They have to confirm if you are a SASSA beneficiary as this will help your bursary application.

    • If you have any problems with your ID number registration at Home Affairs it is best to correct that in good time before starting your NSFAS online application form as this is connected to your Nsfas login.

  • Evaluation: 

    • If you see this on the NSFAS website it means that NSFAS is verifying all the documents you have submitted during your application.

  • Funding Eligibility: 

    • NSFAS is verifying your household financial status that was declared in your application. At the moment to qualify for NSFAS funding you must come from a household where the annual income is not more than R350,000 from either one or both of your parents.

    • If you as the applicant are living with a disability the annual household financial earning can be as high as R600,000.

  • Awaiting Academic Results/Admission: 

    • NSFAS is checking your academic results and your institution admission status to ensure that you meet the requirements to be funded by NSFAS.

    • Many find themselves to stay on this step for a while. This is because NSFAS has to wait for information from your chosen institution.

  • Awaiting Registration: 

    • NSFAS is receiving data from your institution to enable them to create a bursary agreement. This is another step students find themselves on for a while. This is because NSFAS has to wait for information from your chosen institution.

  • Signing Of Agreement: 

    • At this stage, you need to sign your bursary agreement so that NSFAS can disburse your allowances.

  • Payments: 

    • Your allowances are now being paid either through NSFAS mobile wallet system or through your institution. Students are advised to continue to monitor the myNSFAS portal for updates.

Track Funding Progress

It is very important to track the progress of your application for financial aid using the NSFAS status checking tools. You need to make sure your application doesn't fall through the cracks. Do you Nsfas login then check on your Nsfas status.

As NSFAS is dealing with so many applications each year it does happen in a small percentage of applications that there are problems and admin errors. You don't want that to be you!

We hope that explains all about the Nsfas login process and how to check on your Nsfas financial aid status.

Click here to read more on how to use NSFAS Connect. 


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All the information about your NSFAS grant should be available on the MyNSFAS student portal. If you are unsure how to use the portal, we've got you covered.


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