Here Are The Post-Matric Opportunities Available To You

Here Are The Post-Matric Opportunities Available To You


Have you just matriculated and wondering what is out there in the post-Matric world? We can give you some insight into post-Matric opportunities for the youth.


Finishing Matric is both a weight off your shoulders and a huge step to take. Mapping out what you're going to do once you've matriculated can be quite a process so here are some post-Matric opportunities you can take advantage of.

Second Chance Matric Programme

Due to majority of Matrics not performing as well as they would've wished, the Department aims to provide support to them through the Second Chance Matric programme. While taking part in this programme, you can also continue with other aspects of your life.

The categories of youth targeted with this programme:

  • Anyone who wrote Matric and failed their exams
  • Learner who attempted Matric but didn't perform as well as they wished
  • Adults who are 21 years old and over with a minimum of grade 10 wanting to do their Matric

To register, you need to bring your matric certificate/grade 10 report/grade 11 report and a certified copy of your ID, and you can register at the following places:

  • If you wrote in the year before, you should register at exam centre
  • Education district office
  • Online through the Second Chance Matric website 
  • Community Learning Centre of Department of Higher Education

As part of this programme, attendants will receive hard copies of study guides, past papers and memos, video and audio resources, online resources and have access to broadcasts. Face to face centres for classes throughout the country are available as well where top performing teachers are working.

Central Applications Clearing House (CACH)

The Central Applications Clearing House (CACH), which forms part of the Central Applications Service (CAS), deals with University, College, SETA and CET applications. If you were not placed anywhere, CACH will help you.

Learners will register with CACH where their details will be kept and institutions will then be able to access that information and find learners to place at their institutions.

You can access CACH in the following ways:

CACH also provides career guidance and advice on what you can do with the subjects you did at school. They can also connect learners to funders should they require funding for their studies.

Career Development Services

The Department of Higher Education has a Career Development Services option available to youth. These services include career guidance and information as well as career counselling. 

They offer these services free of charge while also providing access to career advice and opportunities that would assist you to reach your career goals. The Career Development Services helps you make informed career decisions and map out where you should study.

You can access their services by going to

Where To Study

Should you not have been placed at a University, missed the application or did not achieve results to attend University, there are still other options available to you such as:

  • TVET Colleges
  • Private Colleges
  • Private Higher Education Institutions
  • Community Colleges
  • SETA Programmes

To find where to study, click here.

Skills Programmes

If you're more of a hands on type of person and not wanting to study, there are various training programmes available where you can gain skills. 

One option is doing a learnership which is a form of a skills development training programme. With a learnership, you are trained in a particular occupation while being on the job and you also receive a qualification. You can then further your education or start on your business journey.

There are also government training opportunities available with South African Police Services, the Department of Health, the Traffic Department, etc.

Youth Development Programmes

Africa Beyond 4IR is an example of a youth development programme which trains youth to start their own businesses by providing the tools and education you need when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Another example of youth development programmes is WeThinkCode_ and GirlCode which provides training in coding and ICT while giving students access to work opportunities.

National Empowerment Fund Opportunities

The National Empowerment Fund (NEF) provides funding to black businesses. They also make sure that entrepreneurs have bankable business plans and that they have the tools and terminology to start a business.

They also have entrepreneurial training where they train entrepreneurs on how to run a business, how to put together documents, how to be funding ready, etc. The NEF will also help you after you start your business and make sure that you are running your business accordingly.

If you need more information, you can visit them at




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