GirlCode Aims To Get Unemployed Women Jobs In Coding

Careers Portal had a chat with Tinyiko, from GirlCode, where we spoke about coding, female empowerment and the future of tech! To know all about GirlCode and how they can help you have a successful career in coding, continue reading.


If you are interested in paving a career in coding and you're a female, GirlCode might be the perfect place for you. 

What is GirlCode?

GirlCode is a nonprofit organization that provides training opportunities for girls interested in learning software development. 

They aim to empower young girls and women through technology. How are they doing this? They teach coding and robotics to girls and women of different ages.

GirlCode began after they found that there was a gender gap in the tech industry. To kick GirlCode off, they hosted Hackathons and has since evolved into an educational institution. 

Tinyiko Simbine, GirlCode's Chief Financial Officer, explained:

How do we get more women involved in coding? First, we need to start off with representation. First thing is to ensure that the women who make it into corporate make it into leadership positions because at the end of the day, representation matters.

GirlCoder Club

GirlCoder Club is a nationwide network of volunteer-led, weekend coding clubs for high school girls who want to have a strong foundation in basic programming skills.

The programme is hosted on weekends and sees them go to schools around the country to teach coding and robotics skills.

Online Coding Bootcamp

GirlCode's online coding bootcamps are an intensive 3 month training that prepares people with little or no prior experience to work as web developers.

They have partnered with large corporates to train 300 unemployed graduates. They aim to bridge the gap between what you've learned and what companies are looking for. 

Click here to find out how to apply to GirlCode's bootcamps.

Volunteering Opportunities

GirlCode also accepts volunteers and has various volunteer roles available. Volunteers assist GirlCode in successfully running all their programmes.

To volunteer you do not necessarily need coding experience.


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