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If you are eager to study Marketing but are not sure where to start looking, then the universities and colleges listed below could be of interest to you. 

E-commerce businesses thrived as the pandemic required digitalised tools to keep up and generate profits. When it comes to the education sector, experts believe that the digital divide further widened, but the education Minister has introduced technical subjects to equip learners with skills relevant to digital spaces.

Once a student finishes their undergraduate degree, they may have the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate qualification. Here are a few institutions where Business Administration majors can pursue their Postgraduate Diplomas.

In our current age of technology, the digital marketing occupation has grown more popular and more necessary. Here are a few schools in South Africa that offer digital marketing courses.

Certain documents are required when applying for school, however, many parents may be confused as to which documents they need. Well, here is what they need to know.

Starting at a new school can be quite exciting for children and parents, however, before all that excitement takes place, certain steps need to be taken to register the child at a school. Here is how you can apply to a primary school.

Applying to your child’s first school can be quite daunting, however, with the help from the Basic Education Department, it does not need to be so scary. Here is what you need to prepare when applying to schools in South Africa.

Most parents may already know where they would like to send their children to school, however, some may still be searching for schools. Well here is how you can find schools near you.

Studying towards a business course equips you enough with a diverse knowledge of the business world. Here is a list of South African higher education institutions that offer business courses.


As the academic year starts, many prospective students are a bundle of nerves as there’s a lot on their plate such as choosing an academic path, surviving once they've registered at university and even the wait for matric results can be nerve-wracking. Here are some tips that will come in handy in your first year of study.


As we start the year, many matriculants will be flocking to places of higher learning. The prospective students’ decision is influenced by a number of things and it's easy for things to go pear-shaped if you don’t choose wisely.


Many students may not opt to pursue their Accounting degree at major public universities and colleges and fortunately South Africa boasts many colleges and independent or private colleges which also offer Accounting courses. 

If you have started your studies in nursing then you may be wondering what postgraduate courses are offered in this field. Here is all you need to know about postgraduate nursing courses available in South Africa. 

As the new year kicks off, certain colleges have kept their applications open to allow students the chance to apply before the 2022 academic year begins. While certain colleges have closing dates, the rest do not have strict closing dates.

As the world makes more use of online platforms, Digital Marketing jobs are becoming increasingly popular. Here is where you can study towards a Digital Marketing qualification. 


Are you looking to study a Project Management course, but you don't know where to apply? We can help, here is all you need to know about Project Management and where to study a course in it. 

Are you interested in studying Business Administration? Here's all you need to know about Business Administration and where you can study it in South Africa. 

Are you considering changing careers or enhancing your existing skills but not sure what you what to study? Education expert Dr Carla Enslin has advice that may help guide you in making that decision.

What is the difference between full-time studies and part-time studies? Part-time courses require you to attend classes after hours and offer some more flexibility in terms of time. Classes are usually held in the evenings or over the weekends.

What is online learning? Online learning is education that takes place via the internet and is also known as e-learning. Online learning is taught through "virtual" classes where students can take an online course offered through a college or university remotely without ever physically attending class.