Higher Education Institutions

Lyceum’s 104 year legacy is a testament to the quality programmes that they offer. Their lifetime commitment is to successfully equip students with accredited distance education for the professional world. 

Are you currently unsure about where to study? Are you browsing all your options? Here are 5 reasons to study at Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology. 

Are you looking to study at Richfield? Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, is one of the largest Private Education providers in South Africa.

As the world's manufacturing industries grapple with sustainability, the fashion industry in particular has come under the spotlight for its waste ridden practices. Yet, in South Africa retailers and designers alike are conversing about how to revive a once vibrant manufacturing sector that adopts both sustainability and job creation. Stadio School of Fashion is offering a 12-week course to educate local industry on sustainable design and production processes.

TSIBA is a business school with a focus on achieving excellence. They believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create meaningful change for individuals, communities and South Africa as a whole. 

At Milpark, they believe that education is not just about passing an examination or achieving a qualification. Education is about the journey, and the wisdom and experience you bring to your life and your community. 

If you're wanted to study Business, you should definitely consider STADIO School of Commerce. Careers Portal spoke to STADIO and got some insight into fees, courses, campuses and how to apply.

STADIO's School of Commerce offers a wide range of specialised postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. Dr Antje Hargarter sat down with Careers Portal to give some insight into what the Stadio School of Commerce does.

Are you interested in studying at Stadio's School of Commerce? Dr Antje Hargarter, head of Stadio School of Commerce, had a chat with Careers Portal where she explained how to apply.

WeThinkCode_ has introduced a volunteers programme as part of its fully-sponsored software programming course aimed at South Africa's disadvantaged youth. The academy is seeking mentors from the local tech industry as part of the programme.

You have the opportunity to make an impact. Unlock your future with our new Easy Online Express Application form.

Damelin is empowering people to take charge of their careers, schedules and future with the launch of Damelin Online. Courses are now available on demand, anywhere and anytime. With our new digital format you can access your tuition at any time and explore your interests from anywhere in the world. Your diploma will be recognised by employers worldwide.

AFDA is the perfect place for those wanting to go into film, television, performance or radio and is able to be the stepping stone to having a successful career within the entertainment industry. Keep reading to learn who AFDA are and what they do.

Today, Milpark Education remains a leading provider of Higher Education and Further Education and Training qualifications. Milpark Education is registered with the South African Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) as a Private Higher Education Institution.

World Youth Skills Day, observed annually on 15 July, focuses on the importance of equipping our youth with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship. Youth unemployment has reached critical levels in South Africa, with almost 1 in 2 young people unemployed.

Be among the first 25 applicants who’ve paid their acceptance fee for 2022 and Red & Yellow Creative School of Business  will lock the 2021 rates for your first year.

The REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (BCom Accounting) Degree is a 3 year programme that focuses on equipping and developing students to be able to function in a wide range of financial and accounting tasks and to be able to function and add value in private and public sectors.  

This qualification will also cater for the career and economic needs of students and prepare students for further post-graduate study.

Human Resource Management deals with people at work. This includes relationships among employees and relationships between an organisation and its employees. A qualification in Human Resource Management prepares the successful student to enter a wide range of careers, including Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Consultant, Industrial Relations Manager and Industrial Relations Consultant.

The BCom Degree equips students with both theoretical and practical exposure preparing them for a professional, commercial environment. The BCom Degree will empower learners with skills and competencies necessary to function in both the private and public sector environments. This qualification will also cater for the career and economic needs of learners who are in employment and prepare learners for further post-graduate study.

You can register for an IIE qualification in the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, Information and Communications Technology and Commerce. Register online or at one of our campuses for an IIE degree,
diploma, or higher certificate.