Coding Lingo EXPLAINED

Tinyiko, from GirlCode, sat down with Careers Portal to talk coding, female empowerment and the future of tech! GirlCode aims to close the gap seen with a chronic shortage of skills and lack of women in tech. 


Wanting to get into coding? Here's all the lingo you'll need to know, provided by GirlCode. 

GirlCode is a nonprofit organization that provides training opportunities for girls interested in learning software development. 

Back-end Development

This refers to the logic, information system or languages involved with PHP. As GirlCode says, "it's basically about putting logic together".

Back-end development involves a lot of steps and is about how it will all come together. It's basically the behind-the-scenes.


CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheets and is a programming language. It focusses on styling and making a website look better and more user-friendly.


A server is either a person or something that provides a service/commodity. 

This would be done through a computer programme which manages access to a centralised resource.

Source Code

This is basically a text listing of demands that are to be compiled or assembled into an executable computer programme.


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