Why is it important to get young females involved in coding?

GirlCode is committed to getting more females on the ground when it comes to the coding industry. Careers Portal spoke to GirlCode about all things coding and female empowerment.


Why is it important to get young females involved in coding? Well, GirlCode gave us some answers to this question and what they are doing to make this a reality.

GirlCode is a nonprofit organization that provides training opportunities for girls interested in learning software development. 

The use of digital skills has now become a bigger part of our lives and with many activities being facilitated by and through the use of technology, GirlCode believes that technology needs girls to help invent the future.

In South Africa, there are millions of unemployed young people with 41% of that being women. 

GirlCode also hopes to break stereotypes which currently exist when it comes to technology careers. Some people might say that technology jobs are too difficult for girls, which is of course the furthest thing from the truth.

Women are also needed to build technology which suits women as Tinyiko from GirlCode says, "women understand what women need".



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