Wits Students Can Now Get Devices For Online Learning On Loan


The Dean of Students, Jerome September, has made it possible for students to apply to have a loan device so that online learning can take place. This allows students to have access to academic resources.

Due to Covid-19, Higher Education Institutions have started using online teaching and learning methods. However, students have complained that not everyone has access to devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets and they would therefore not be able to participate and have access to resources.

Wits University has acknowledged the challenges students face and has taken action and have provided students access to devices on loan in order to give access to online academic resources. Wits will be commencing with their remote online teaching and learning programme on 20 April 2020.

Mr September has stated, “We have thus secured a limited number of devices suitable for educational purposes that will be made available to students in need.” Applications received from students will be dealt with case-by-case and the level at which the student need the device will also be considered. Those who are successful in getting a loan device will have it delivered to them.

A fee will be charged to student accounts should they get a loan. If the device is returned in good working order at the end of the academic year, this charge will be reversed. If students do not return their devices, they will be charged the full cost of the device. If the device is damaged or lose, the student will have to pay the full repair or replacement cost.

Who may apply for a loan device?

  • Students registered for a full-time degree in 2020
  • NSFAS funded and “missing middle” students with a family income of less than R600 000 annually. Bursary/scholarship funded students who have not received devices from their funders. (Please note that all information supplied will be verified)
  • Students who do not have their own device, or who do not have access to a device.
  • Due to the challenges with delivery, regrettably only students residing within the borders of South Africa are eligible for this assistance.

Devices will be allocated in the following order of priority: final year undergraduate students, first year students, other undergraduate students and then postgraduate students.

How to apply

Students in need may approach their respective faculties for assistance:

The following information needs to be provided:

  • A brief motivation (including proof of income, if possible)
  • Name and Surname
  • Student Number
  • Identity Document Number
  • Year of Study
  • Physical delivery address details (including province) on the application for assistance, including providing their up to date contact mobile numbers
  • Name and contact details of a next-of-kin, parent, or guardian (the University may contact the next of kin / parent/ guardian to verify information provided)


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