How To Apply For UWC PGCE Courses

Tuesday, 26 July, 2022 - 09:12
Gabriella Siebritz
UWC offers a Postgraduate qualification in teaching.

So, you've completed your three or four year degree in teaching and now you're looking at postgraduate qualifications. The University of the Western Cape (UWC) offers a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (FET). Here is how you can apply. 



To qualify as a teacher in South Africa, a three-or four-year Bachelor's degree is required which can be followed by a one-year Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

Whether you only have a Bachelor's degree, or a Bachelor's degree and a Postgraduate qualification, both routes lead to the classification of a professional and qualified teacher. 

Here is how you can apply for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education for senior phase and Further Education and Training (FET) at the University of the Western Cape (UWC)

The minimum early requirement is an approved Bachelor's degree (BA, BSc, BCom, etc.) from a recognized Higher Education Institution. The Bachelor's degree should include sufficient disciplinary learning in appropriate academic fields. 

In addition, you (as the applicant) should have majored in one or two appropriate courses or modules in your degree, in order to pursue a specific teaching specialization (a subject). 

Applicants can specialize in one or two of the following school subjects: 

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physical Sciences
  3. Life Sciences 
  4. Agricultural Sciences

In this case, a candidate must have majored in the disciplinary subject for undergraduate studies. One disciplinary subject must have been done up to third level (NQF Level 7) and the other subject at least up to second level (NQF Level 6). 

Application to UWC is done online by following the steps listed below.

University of the Western Cape (UWC) Undergraduate/Postgraduate Application Procedures

Application to UWC is in six steps which includes:


Visit and select New Application.


When completing your application, ensure that you have the Application Type set to Postgraduate.


Complete the Personal Information section.


Select the following when completing your Application Type:

  1. Study Type
  2. Year of Admission
  3. Semester
  4. Faculty
  5. Programme
  6. Department

STEP 5: 

Complete the Applicant Contact Details section.


Complete the Next of Kin Details section.


Ensure that you list all your current academic qualifications to date.


Complete the Financial Information section.


If you have any bursaries you’ve applied for or if you’ve been awarded a bursary, this is where you will highlight the details.

STEP 10:

Complete the Alumni, Staff and Marketing section. If the information does not apply to you, proceed to submit your application.

STEP 11:


  1. ​After completion of the online application form, you will receive a letter via email from the University acknowledging receipt of your application
  2. The acknowledgement letter will contain your applicant number
  3. This applicant number is to be used in all communication with the University
  4. You will also receive a brochure indicating the supporting documents that you will need to submit to the University by the application closing dates for your application to be considered complete

STEP 12:


  1. To upload supporting documents, go to complete the form and upload the required documents
  2. Current Matriculants do not need to upload any supporting documentation
  3. Already Matriculated: Upload your matric certificate/foreign school leaving certificate.
  4. Attending Another Tertiary Institution: Upload a certified copy of your academic record and certificate of good conduct, stamped by the institution’s registrar.

Make sure to double check the admission requirements, as well as making sure that you meet the application requirements and deadlines. 


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