Does NSFAS Fund University of Mpumalanga Courses?

If you would like to find out whether NSFAS funds the University of Mpumalanga Courses, keep reading for more details.   


NSFAS offers fully subsidized free higher education and training for poor and working-class South Africans where there is up to R350,000 household income per year. This bursary includes tuition fees, learning material allowances, transport allowances and living allowances.

To answer your question, yes, NSFAS funds the University of Mpumalanga courses. The institution is the public entity by which government is the majority shareholder, therefore NSFAS is obligated to deliver its financial mandate to support needy students at the institution.

University of Mpumalanga registered students have the opportunity to apply for various bursaries to enable them to study at the University.

All categories of university student funds, which include scholarships, bursaries, and loans, are administered, and managed by the Student Financial Aid team, which ensures their efficient distribution to students.

The role of the university is to assist students with the coordination of funding, between the University and NSFAS.

This means if you are interested to study a course at the university and you are lacking funding, NSFAS is one of your options.

The uniqueness of NSFAS other than other bursaries is that they cover most of the institution courses with a formal qualification.

One thing to mention is that NSFAS funds undergraduate qualifications and might need other alternative funding should you need to do a postgraduate qualification.  

However, the university reserves the right for the selection of the criteria of students to study at the institution.

It is advised that you check the institution websites for further details so that you are fully aware of all the requirements and expectations. The following links will get to the NSFAS and the University of Mpumalanga official websites:

NSFAS website:

University of Mpumalanga:   



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