NSFAS Releases 2024 Application Dates

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Many students wanting to study in 2024 have been patiently waiting for the 2024 applications to open at the National Student Financial Aid Scheme so they can submit their bursary applications. NSFAS has released the 2024 application dates. 

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The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has finally revealed when 2024 NSFAS online application period will open. Prospective students can begin submitting their NSFAS bursary applications from Tuesday 21, November 2023 on the official NSFAS website.

Online Applications

Students will have until 31 January 2024 to submit a NSFAS online application. This means that students will have just over two months to submit applications for the lucrative bursaries. 

The reason for opening in November, is so that we can afford the beneficiary shorter turn around times for decision making which is aligned to our financial eligibility assessment which requires updated SARS information.

NSFAS provides comprehensive funding to more than one million students enrolled in approved programmes at public universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. 

The comprehensive bursaries provided by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme seek to cover all the costs a student may incur on a tertiary education journey. The government bursary scheme provides students with money for tuition and registration fees, along with several allowances. 

NSFAS Allowances

NSFAS provides students with an accommodation allowance, meal allowance and stationery allowances. If students live at home they will receive a transport allowance in place of the accommodation allowance while students who live in catered accommodation will not receive a meal allowance.

NSFAS awaited the completion of the SARS tax period to ensure the availability of necessary and updated information during the application season. This strategic timing facilitates the efficient processing of a NSFAS online application and aligns with the organisation's commitment to streamlining decision-making processes.

The financial aid scheme has encouraged all students who meet the eligibility criteria to submit a NSFAS application during the prescribed application period. They also remind grade 12 learners that they do not need their matric results to submit a NSFAS online application. 

We encourage all students who wish to study in the post-school education and training sector higher education and training space to ensure that they apply on time. It is also important that students note that they don’t need results when they are entering post-school education and training for the first time. 

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme announced they are in talks with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) to enhance the application validation process. These discussions hope to improve verification procedures, particularly regarding parental relationships. 

The adjustments are designed to ensure timely confirmation of funding decisions.

NSFAS has urged all applicants to provide accurate information when submitting their NSFAS application. These mistakes can result in the student’s NSFAS 2024 application being rejected. 


South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) grant beneficiaries will continue to receive immediate funding decisions from NSFAS. They will also not be required to submit supporting documents, except for learners with disabilities.

Applicants who are rejected will have the option to submit a NSFAS appeal. Several documents are needed when submitting a NSFAS appeal application depending on the reason for the NSFAS rejection status. 

NSFAS announced the launch of a mobile application for 2024 applications. The NSFAS application will initially be available for iPhone operating systems (iOS), Android, and later for HUAWEI devices.

NSFAS Mobile App

It was revealed that the mobile app will include biometric capabilities to be rolled out later in the year. Additionally, students will have the option to track their 2024 NSFAS application statuses and funding via WhatsApp at 078 519 8006, and USSD at 12067327#.

NSFAS bursaries are geared towards students who have a combined household income between R0 and R350 000. This combined household income threshold is probably the main requirement. 

The NSFAS funding's financial assistance goes beyond just tuition fees, as it will also cover NSFAS students accommodation at public university.


To find out more about submitting a NSFAS online application and check NSFAS application status, head to our NSFAS page.

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