May/June Matric Rewrite Exam Results Have Been Released

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The long wait is finally over for learners who participated in the 2023 May/June Matric exam rewrites as the education department released their results. The results achieved by learners will guide their next academic step.

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The Department of Basic Education has officially released the results of the 2023 midyear National Senior Certificate (NSC) grade 12 examinations. The examination period catered to students who were previously unsuccessful in the school exit examinations.

NSC matric candidates applied themselves over a gruelling seven-week examination period which commenced on Wednesday, 3 May 2023 and concluded on 14 June 2023. Both NSC and Senior Certificate (SC) examinations were written during the examination period.

Matric candidates can collect their results at Examination Centres and at identified collection points. Additional information on the collections NSC and SC matric results will be communicated to candidates via SMS.

While many learners will be satisfied with the results they achieved during the May/June NSC and SC examinations, some will not be satisfied. It's important to note that results achieved by candidates may be challenged.

Individual learners can apply for a matric exam re-mark or re-check.

How The Matric Exam Re-Marking Process Works 

If candidates feel as if their assigned marks do not align with their actual performance on the written papers, they can request a re-mark of their scripts. This entails a complete re-evaluation of the original answer script by a different marker.

The goal of a re-mark is  to provide a fresh perspective and potentially adjust the marks to better reflect the student's true abilities and performance in the examinations. 

How The Matric Re-checking Process Works 

In addition to re-marking, matric candidates can also apply for a Re-check of their scripts. This involves a thorough review to confirm that all questions have been properly marked and that the marks have been accurately calculated. 

The goal of a matric exam Re-check is to ensure that no errors or oversights occurred during the initial making of exam scripts.

Who Can Apply For A Re-mark/Recheck? 

Any candidate who feels their marks are not accurate is eligible to apply for either a re-mark or re-check. 

When Can Matric Candidates Apply For A Re-mark/Recheck? 

Remark applications will be open for submission starting from 7 August 2023. The deadline for submitting applications for both remarking and rechecking is 20 August 2023 meaning learners only have a short window of opportunity to apply and potentially improve their results without having to re-write their matric examinations

How To Apply For A Re-mark/Re-check 

The DBE uses an online application system for re-mark and re-check applications. Candidates must visit the official online registration platform to apply. 

Matric candidates are required to fill out all the required fields in the online application and ensure all the information they provided is correct. 

Once they are satisfied all their information is correct, they must accept the terms and conditions by checking the designated box (√).

Before applying online, learners make a payment for the re-mark or re-check application. Their  exam number must be used as their reference number when making the payment 

Candidates are encouraged to keep a PDF copy of the proof of payment ready for uploading during the online application process. Once all the necessary details are provided and the terms accepted, click the "SUBMIT" button to finalise your application.

Is A Matric Exam Re-mark/Re-check Free? 

Unfortunately, candidates who apply for a matric exam re-mark or re-checkis required to pay a fee. The fees for re-marking are R104 per subject and R25 for re-checking a subject.

When Will Re-mark/Re-check Results Be Available? 

The results of the re-marking process will be available from September 19, 2023. Students who are not satisfied with the outcome of their re-mark and re-check results can register to re-write their matric exams. 


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