How To Get Your Matric Exam Paper Re-checked Or Re-marked


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We can all sometimes have a bad day when writing an exam. If you had a bad day when you were writing your exams and did not pass your National Senior Certificate (NSC) - or you are perhaps unhappy with your results - you may apply to have your exam paper re-marked or re-checked.


A re-mark means that your examination will be marked for a second time and a re-check of your scripts is a further check to ensure that all questions are duly marked and that all marks are correctly calculated.

You may apply for a re-mark or re-check of your NSC scripts, if you feel unhappy with your results.

Applications for re-marking and re-checking will open on 22 February. The online applications closing date is 10 March and manual applications will close on 10 March. Results from these will be released on 13 April.

You will have to apply for a re-mark or re-check at your school or district office in your province. Re-marks cost R110 and re-checks cost R27.

Please note that there is no guarantee that your mark will improve by much, however, it is worth a try.

Viewing exam papers may only be done after the re-mark or re-check. You will have 7 days to view your paper before the deadline closes.

Further instructions will be available to you on the reverse side of the Statement of Results.

If you would still like to improve your marks, you could always rewrite your exam papers so that you could attend the higher education institution of your dreams.

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