Different Matric Passes and How to Get Them

To those who are in matric or rewriting matric and wondering the what the different types of matric passes mean or how to get we have the answers for you. Here is what the different matric passes means, how to get them and what you can do with them. 


Many people who are writing and rewriting matric are wondering what marks they need to pass matric or what marks they need to apply for colleges or universities. 

Here we will break down the different matric passes and how you can get them.

Bachelor's Pass

To get a bachelors pass it requires you to obtain at least 50% for five designated subject, this includes Life Orientation. 

You also have to get above 30% for two other subjects and you are only allowed to fail one subject. 

A bachelors pass allows you to study at any higher education institutions, like universities and colleges, to become doctors, lawyers and psychologists. 


A diploma pass requires you to obtain at least 40% in five designated subjects including Life Orientation. 

You also have to receive at least 30% in two other subjects and can only fail one subject.

A diploma allows you to attend some higher learning institutions and technical colleges, to study things like engineering, nursing and many other things. 

Higher Certificate 

For a higher certificate you must obtain at least 40% in Home Language.

You must receive 40% in at least two subjects and 30% in three other subjects. 

You are also still only allowed to fail one subject.

When studying further with a higher certificate you can apply to TVET colleges and some private colleges to study in a field of your choice, as long as you meet the admission requirements.


Regardless of the marks on you final certificate, if you fail two subject, which mean scoring a 1 (0-29%), you fail the year. 

Don't let this discourage you however, matric can be difficult, there are many opportunity available for you to rewrite matric and better you marks. You can choose to do the entire year over or just rewrite the subjects that you failed.

Their is a Second Chance Matric Programme available with the Departement of Education, that allows you another opportunity to do you matric.

Click here for more information on the Second Chance Programme 

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