Unisa's Rules For Online Exams


With Unisa's ongoing examinations set to be written over a longer period than usual, spanning from 6 September to 3 December 2021. These are the exam rules that students are expected to follow.


Unisa's exams are now a bit different as students not only complete their exams online but they also only have one examination period for the whole year. This means that the year's worth of work is being written on in one period, at the end of the year.

As a student at Unisa, the examination rules listed below will apply to your online examinations:

  • Answer scripts must be uploaded as a single PDF file
    • they cannot be password secured or submitted as "read-only" files
  • No e-mailed scripts will be accepted
  • Students should check their submissions (answer scripts) for legibility and to make sure they have uploaded the correct answer script file.
  • If a student's first submission is unsatisfactory, they are allowed to resubmit their answer scripts.
  • Incorrect file format and uncollated answer scripts will not be considered.
  • Incorrect answer scripts and/or submissions submitted via unofficial examination platforms (such as the invigilator smartphone app) will not be marked, and no possibility for resubmission will be provided.
  • A mark awarded for an incomplete submission will be the student’s final mark. No opportunity for resubmission will be granted. There will be no option to resubmit.
  • Only submissions from registered student accounts will be accepted.
  • Students who do not use invigilation or proctoring tools will face disciplinary procedures (only applicable to your module as per the invigilated module list above).
  • Students who are accused of behaving dishonestly during exams will face disciplinary action. Plagiarism and/or other forms of academic dishonesty are not tolerated at Unisa.
  • Students are provided one hour to submit their answer scripts after the official examination time. Submissions made after the official examination time will be rejected by the examination regulations and will not be marked.
  • Students experiencing network or load shedding challenges are advised to apply for an aegrotat and submit supporting evidence within three days of the examination session.

Communication received from your myLife account will be considered.

MCQ examinations: 

  • This is a fully online examination.
  • If the examination time limit is not exceeded, students are given two chances to submit their MCQ examinations. There will be no additional time given for resubmissions.
  • Students should be aware that the examination duration time begins when they begin their examination. There is no further reading time available.
  • If you're going to take your MCQ exam on your phone, make sure your phone's operating system is up to date before you start. Prior to beginning your exam, delete the cache and cookies memory.
  • Students are advised not to open their examination on several tabs simultaneously. This will result in the system automatically submitting your response without you knowing.
  • And the resulting mark will be final without an additional opportunity for resubmission. unless students utilise their second MCQ examination opportunity within the allowable examination duration.
  • While taking your exam, do not use your browser's back button. If students use browser navigation buttons, they risk losing their prior responses.
  • Students should always use the Samigo navigation buttons to navigate to the next and previous questions (if allowed), as well as to "Save" and "Submit."
  • Save your responses often if multiple questions are displayed on the page.
  • If only one question is displayed per page, the system will save your responses as you click next to move on to the next question.
  • Students who do not use invigilation or proctoring tools will face disciplinary procedures. (only applicable if your module is invigilated).
  • Students who are accused of behaving dishonestly during exams will face disciplinary action. Plagiarism and/or other forms of academic dishonesty are not tolerated at Unisa.

Queries that are beyond Unisa’s control include the following: 

  • Personal network or service provider issues
  • Load shedding/limited space on a personal computer
  • Crashed computer
  • Using work computers that block access to myExams site (work firewall challenges)
  • Unlicensed software (eg license expires during exams)

Students who are having technical difficulties should contact the SCSC on 080 000 1870 or e-mail: [email protected]. For a list of additional contact numbers, click here.





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