Mistakes To Avoid During Your First Year At University

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Entering university is a major transition in your life, you’re going to be thrown with obstacles and brand-new experiences. It is important that you get off to a strong start if you want to position yourself for future success. 

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Yes, there are plenty of ways to live out your varsity life and every varsity student will have their own unique experience - but you need to be aware of things you shouldn’t do.  

Firstly, the university is a location where you learn information and talent that would help you to achieve and succeed in the actual world. You should take your studies at the university seriously for this reason and many more so that you can achieve success and, ideally, land a good job or start your own business. 

Many varsity students fall victim to procrastination, then fail to academically perform up to standard.

To avoid heartache, here are 5 mistakes to avoid during your first year at university:

  1. Frequently skipping classes: this behavior is mostly common amongst older varsity students who then typically influence first year students. Or you skip class because you start to underestimate the difficulty of your course and then due to attendance requirements or the teaching of a particular subject that may be difficult to understand on your own, you academically struggle. If this applies to you, stop skipping courses right away. 
  2. Procrastinating your projects and class assignments: this is one of the biggest mistakes since you won't have enough time to finish your classwork and will have to rush your assignment, which will result in many mistakes and a low grade.
  3. Going to parties when it’s not necessary: There is absolutely nothing wrong with partying, however, partying too much and carelessly is an issue. 
  4. Spending an excessive amount of time on social media: Nowadays, social media use is widespread among adults, young people, teenagers, and even young toddlers. While it has benefited humanity, social media has also proven itself to be distracting.
  5. Not asking for help when you don’t understand a concept: Most of the time, varsity students keep to themselves during lectures that they do not understand what is being taught – many varsity students are guilty of this. It is normal to feel shy to ask for your lecturer to re-explain a concept. If you are too afraid because of the presence of your peers, assist yourself by speaking to your lecturer after class. 

Try by all means to avoid these mistakes during your first year at varsity. Remind yourself to keep a good outlook and to stay focused on your main reason for attending the university.


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