How To Use The Unisa Proctoring Tool


Unisa will be using the Moodle Proctoring, the Invigilator App and IRIS proctoring tool. Here is how to use these proctoring tools.


The University of South Africa (Unisa) will be using the Moodle Proctoring for MCQ Quiz activity exams, the Invigilator App to upload exam files and the IRIS proctoring tool for exams administered in the College of Engineering Sciences (CSET).

In preparation for the exams, Unisa students are encouraged to identify which proctoring tools they will be using while writing their exams. 

Click here to identify which proctoring tools will be used in which modules. 

Proctoring tools are online invigilating tools which require a smartphone, laptop or desktop with a functional camera. 

The tool helps to verify the student’s identity and monitors the student while they write the exam by accessing the student’s camera.

Here are reasons why proctoring tools are used:

  • Easy verification of the student’s identity taking the examination.
  • Mitigates against third party suppliers taking examinations on behalf of students.
  • Ensures the examination rules and regulations are adhered to.
  • Assures the integrity of the examination taken.
  • Protect your qualifications for future employment.

Students will require a number of resources to ensure that they comply with the requirements. Here is what they will need:

  • Laptop, desktop or smartphone with a working camera.
  • Reliable internet network connectivity for the usage of IRIS and Moodle Proctoring.
  • IRIS proctoring tool strictly requires a device with a web camera.  
  • Upload your head and shoulders profile picture on the myExams platform before the exam.

Unisa has announced that it is compulsory for all students to use a proctoring tool while they write their exams.

If students do not make use of the proctoring tools, it will result in their exam results being withheld and these students will be asked to reregister for their modules. 

The only students who are exempted from proctoring are those who live with disabilities or are incarcerated.




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