The Value Of A National Certificate Vocational, The Alternative To An Academic Grade 12

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Do you want to gain practical skills, applied competence, and industry knowledge for immediate employment. The National Certificate Vocational  eases your transition into the workplace, making you a sought-after professional.

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A National Certificate Vocational (NCV) opens doors to further education, ensuring your career growth never stops! Ready to unlock your potential? Explore the benefits of NCV qualifications now! 

False Bay TVET College offers NCV programmes at these campuses: Westlake, Fish Hoek, Khayelitsha and Muizenberg.

So what is the NCV?

NCV is an abbreviation which refers to the National Certificate Vocational and is a three-year qualification. Once a student has successfully completed the NCV, they will then have a qualification at NQF level 4.

A National Senior Certificate, which is a matric certificate, is also a qualification at NQF level 4 which then means that the NCV is a matric equivalent.

NCV Minimum Entrance Requirements

A grade 9 certificate is the minimum requirement to enter into an NCV programme. However, students who want to pursue a qualification, and is more career focused, who has passed grade 10 and 11 or failed grade 12 can also apply.

Careers Portal spoke to Didi Assure Wertheim, Academic Head for Nated and NC(V) Programmes at False Bay TVET College, who said:

We found that grade 10 and 11s are a lot more focused so they're more likely to be successful and obtain the qualification within its 3 years.

How does the NCV differ from other equivalent qualifications?

With traditional qualifications, the emphasis is a lot on theory whereas with the NCV is a combination of both theory and practical hands-on skills that relate to a particular field. This makes it very different to your conventional academic qualification.

The NCV comprises of seven subjects. There are three subjects which are your fundamentals: English first additional language for communication, Maths and Math Literacy. Then there's Life Skills and Computer Literacy.

Engineering and IT students are encouraged to do Mathematics because of all the calculations that is needed within these fields.

Then there are four subjects that are vocational subject that relate to the particular field of study that comprises the National Certificate Vocational.

Benefits of NCV Programmes

The primary objective of the NCV is to equip students with the necessary theoretical skills as well as practical skills that relate to a specific field or interest. This would then allow a student to have direct access to the workplace as soon as they've obtained the qualification because they will have the necessary skills to do so.

A student would also be able to continue with their studies, if they wanted to, in that specific field. They could also opt to become an entrepreneur and start their own business or become an employer. 

When a student completes the qualification, they can go directly into the workplace as they've received hands-on training. This gives them a range of opportunities to pursue different things and not be restricted.

Students who complete their NCV are job ready because they've acquired skills that will allow them to access the workplace or the labor market immediately or they can start their own business or they can access higher education.

How does the NCV cater for diverse career interests and industries?

The National Certificate Vocational comes in diverse areas of specialization at False Bay TVET College. In engineering, there is the national certificate vocational for Electrical and there is Motor Mechanics, Fitting and Turning. In the IT field, there is ICT and Robotics. In business studies fields, there are Office Administration, Finance and Economics and tTansport and Logistics as well as Tourism and Hospitality.


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Embarking on an IT career through the NC(V) programme not only opens doors to a world of innovation and earning potential but also provides a solid foundation for success in the ever-evolving field of information technology. 

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