What To Do After You Receive Your NSFAS Laptop

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Answering questions about the NSFAS laptop, NSFAS has said that it does not come with training and what would happen instead. They also gave insight into what you should do after you receive one.


NSFAS laptops are finally starting to be delivered to students and some might have questions surrounding it. This NSFAS laptop is there to enable more students to access online learning.

Answering the question of whether NSFAS offers training for the laptop, NSFAS answered, "The laptop device comes with software installed, no training is needed".

The financial aid scheme then went on to give students some tips for when they receive their laptop. First off, NSFAS emphasises that the laptop is just for study purposes. The laptop can be used to access online learning platforms where you'll need to take tests and exams as well as submit assignments. Assignments and research can also be done on the laptop.

It is the most frustrating thing when you've worked on something for long and all of a sudden it disappears so students should always back up the information on their laptops. Be sure to also only make software changes for usability or cosmetic reasons.

To ensure that the laptop stays yours and is not damaged, do not loan out the device and be sure to not eat and drink near it. You should also not leave the laptop exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat or cold. 

Have the laptop of a secure flat and safe surface when using it so that it won't fall or drop and break.

Students are provided with data to use these laptops and should use this data wisely by using website links instead of sending large images/files.

YouTube tends to take a lot of data so try to refrain from using it on your NSFAS laptop.

If you haven't ordered your NSFAS laptop yet, here's how:

  1. Go to the NSFAS website
  2. Click 'myNSFAS'
  3. Click the Online Order Portal
  4. Fill in the required fields
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions

To order online students are required to provide the following:

  • South African ID number
  • Student number
  • Contact details
  • Name of the institution they are registered at Campus name
  • Home address

Should you face any issues with the laptop, you are advised to report them. You can call them at 08000 67327, send them an email to [email protected] or send them a direct message on their social media pages.

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