NSFAS Closing Date - Here Are The 2023 NSFAS Application Dates For TVET Colleges

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The National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides comprehensive bursaries to deserving students at public tertiary educational institutions in South Africa, which includes TVET colleges. But it's very important to apply for NSFAS before the closing date.

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The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has announced dates for when students enrolled at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges can apply for funding during the remaining cycles of the 2023 academic year.

In 2023, NSFAS announced its intention to address the gap in allowances received by TVET college students and students enrolled at public universities. These allowances may change once the NSFAS budget has been finalised for the 2023 academic year. 

NSFAS Closing Date

Colleges that are participating in the Centres of Specialisation programmes should encourage participating students to apply for NSFAS funding during the available application window: 

  • Trimester 2 applications are to open from the 5th of May 2023 and close on the 22nd of May 2023.

  • Semester 2 applications are to open from the 17th of July 2023 and close on the 31st of July 2023.

  • Trimester 3 applications are to open from the 4th of September 2023 and close on the 20th of Septemeber 2023

In a statement, the bursary scheme said:

The opening and closing dates for 2023 TVET walk-in NSFAS applications are aligned closely to the TVET academic calendar issued by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). 

Applications can be done online, via the NSFAS website. You must have your ID number available and load all the supporting documents.

NSFAS has reminded applicants to first finish their online application process before submitting, rather than just creating a profile and considering themselves to have applied. 

TVET College Allowances

The allowances received by TVET college students vary depending on where they live. This as some students will live in college residences while others may stay in private accommodation.

Bursaries provides comprehensive funding to qualifying students and aims to cover all the costs related to their studies. This includes paying tuition costs and accommodation costs and providing students with a Living Allowance, Personal Care Allowance, Accommodation Allowance, and Travel Allowance. 

Who Qualifies For NSFAS Funding?

NSFAS funding is available if you want to study at universities in SA. That includes institutions like Pretoria University, University of Johannesburg, Limpopo University Free State University, Fort Hare University, KwaZulu Natal University. University of Cape Town, and others.

You can also get NSFAS funding to study at a University of Technology like the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Durban University of Technology, Vaal university of technology, and others. A technology university is slightly more workplace-focused than a full-service university. This may mean that employers are more likely to hire someone who was a student at a University of Technology.

NSFAS For TVET and University Students

TVET College students can also receive NSFAS funding for nearly all of the courses that are offered by TVET Colleges across the country.

University students qualify for NSFAS funding if they are studying at a public university as this is part of the higher education system.

The NSFAS Bursary

The NSFAS bursary will cover tuition fees, accommodation fees (up to a set limit) and an allowance for living expenses.

Once you have applied for NSFAS it is important to keep a check on your NSFAS application status via the NSFAS website.

Another way to get post school education is from a TVET College. These colleges offer vocational education - which means that they offer courses that will help you get a job.

Your eligibility for NSFAS is determined by looking at your combined household income. If you qualify it is important to submit your online NSFAS application before the application closing date.

MyNSFAS Account

You will get a MyNsfas account and you use this to upload the required supporting documents and check on your NSFAS status via your ID number.

NSFAS funding is for your first undergraduate qualification. Postgraduate funding is provided by another organisation - the NRF or National Research Foundation.


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