SASSA To Make 2 Million SRD Grant Payments By Next Week

With the first round of R350 grant payments officially underway, SASSA has said that thousands have already been paid. They now aim to have paid 2 million people by next week.


R350 grants have officially started being paid with SASSA paying around 6000 people on Wednesday. They aim to have paid 250 000 people by the end of Thursday.

The agency hopes to have paid 2 million people by next week Tuesday.

SASSA Spokesperson, Paseka Letsatsi, said:

We are trying to make sure that we gradually take the numbers up. We also want to make sure that the system does not necessarily crash.

Beneficiaries who have not yet received any payment do not need to panic as payment process continue and more grants will be paid in the coming days.

Should you not have provided bank details to SASSA, you will then receive your grant through the Post Office. Beneficiaries should wait for an SMS which says they can fetch their grant before heading to their nearest Post Office.

SASSA sends a particular amount of SMSes out to beneficiaries so that only that group of people will be heading to Post Offices to collect their grants. This is done to avoid long queues and overcrowding during the pandemic.

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What we have tried to make sure with the payment, especially people who are going to get the payment at the Post Office, does not clash with people who are not getting your normal grant so that we do not have as many people as possible going there.

SASSA has now received near to 10 million R350 grant applications. 49% of applicants are males.


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