How R350 Grant Payments Work At Post Offices

R350 grant payments have officially commenced. One payment option is to receive the grant through the Post Office. Keep reading to find out how this works.


Payments for the new cycle of the Special Relief of Distress grant have finally begun. Those who are approved for the grant will have their payment be made through their bank accounts, mobile money transfers or through the Post Office.

SASSA has given insight into how those who opted for their R350 grant to be paid through the Post Office will have their payments work.

Payments are done in groups at the Post Office so that queues can be avoided.

The last three digits of the beneficiaries' ID number is then taken to make the groups which will see payment collections being done on specific days.

SASSA has explained:

This will help minimize the spread of the Covid-19 infections and allowing for social distancing on pay days. 

Beneficiaries also have to wait for an SMS to say that their grant is ready for collection. If there is no SMS, it means that the grant is not available for collection yet.

Paseka Letsatsi, SASSA's Spokesperson, said, "Do not go to the Post Office and ask if your money is in or not if you don't have the SMS which confirms that indeed your money is being deposited".

SASSA said:

The payment process for all those approved starts on 25 August 2021, but will be done over the coming days. Not everyone should be expected to be paid today.

Applications opened on 6 August 2021 with SASSA receiving almost 7 million applications in just the week. By 18 August, SASSA received 8 931 375 applications.

59% of the almost 9 million applications came from females.


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