When 2025 May/June Matric Rewrite Exam Applications Will Open

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Matric exam rewrite is a great opportunity for learners to improve their results results. Many learners want to improve their matric results to increase their study opportunities at the tertiary education level in South Africa. 

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Registration for 2024 November National Senior Certificate (NSC) and Senior Certificate (SC) matric exam rewrites has closed. This means that learners wanting to improve their matric results will have to wait another year at least before they will have to rewrite their matric exams. 

Registration for SC/NSC 2024 examinations is closed 

The next Matric exam rewrite session available would then be May/June 2025.

When Will The Next Matric Rewrite Exam Applications Open?

Candidates who are set to participate in the 2024 May/June matric exams will have the opportunity to register to rewrite their exams at the end of 2024. This option is to register for the November 2024 NSC exams when they receive their result for the 2024 May/June exams. 

These candidates will receive their May/June 2024 matric rewrite results in August 2024.

NSC candidates who write the 2024 May/June candidates are the only candidates eligible to register for the November NSC examination when their results are released in August 2024. 

The closing of applications to rewrite matric exams in 2024 means that thousands of candidates have missed out on the opportunity to improve their matric results in 2024. However, this is not the end of the road for these candidates. 

Learners wanting to rewrite their matric exams can register for the 2025 examination period. Applications to rewrite matric in 2025 will open in October 2024. 

If you missed the deadline for the 2024 May/June and November examinations, don't worry, you can register in October 2024 for the 2025 examination period.

Difference Between NSC and SC 

The difference between the NSC and the SC lies in the circumstances under which they are awarded.

The NSC is awarded to candidates completing Grade 12 before the age of 21. Individuals under 21 who left Grade 12 less than three years ago can re-enroll for a full-time NSC, taking the complete set of matric subjects.

For those who didn't succeed in their matric exams, want to enhance their results, or didn't write the exams at all, there's an option to register as a part-time candidate for the NSC. The eligibility criteria remain being under 21 and having left Grade 12 within the past three years.

On the other hand, the SC is granted to those who completed their matric year after turning 21. This includes individuals who dropped out of school before reaching Grade 12 exams after completing Grade 9, or those who took their matric exams more than three years ago, regardless of whether they passed or failed.

While both the NSC and SC are regarded as equivalent qualifications, they differ in their assessment methods. The NSC incorporates both examinations and School-Based Assessment, while the SC is solely based on examinations.

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