Unisa Releases May/June Exam Results

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Students at South Africa’s largest university recently concluded their first semester examinations and are eagerly awaiting the release of their results. Students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the University of South Africa (Unisa) exam result codes as it will inform them what they need to do during the next stage of the academic year. 

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The University of South Africa (Unisa) has encouraged students to familiarise themselves with the institution’s result codes and descriptions in anticipation of receiving their results. The university has begun releasing examination and assessment results to students. 

Unisa received more than 3.1 million student assignments and examination submissions during the first semester of the 2023 academic year. Students who made these submissions will soon receive their results from the university. 

What Are Unisa Exam Results Codes? 

Unisa examination result codes inform students whether they passed or failed a specific assessment. These codes will also inform students whether or not they are required to re-register for modules or if they will be afforded a second chance to complete an examination or assessment. 

Students will receive an academic record from Unisa on which the result code will appeal. Careers Portal has sought to provide students with a result code description to help Unisa students understand the results they received and whether or not further action is required by the student. 

Unisa Result Codes And Descriptions 

Result code


Result code description



A student "passes" a module when they have received a final mark of 50% and above.


Pass with distinction

A student "passes with distinction" when they obtain a final mark of 75% and above.



A student "fails" a module when they have received a final mark of less than 50% and below.

The student is required to re-register for the module.


Absent from examination

A student is deemed to be "absent from examination" when the university did not receive the student’s submission within the allowable submission period.

If an undergraduate student is absent from their second examination opportunity, they are required to re-register. Postgraduate students are expected to re-register for each module.




The student attains a "supplementary examination" outcome, if:

  • An Undergraduate student failed or was absent from their first examination opportunity.
  • A Postgraduate student received a final mark of between 40% and 49%.

Students should refer to their examination timetable for the next scheduling of the module examination.


Results outstanding

A student receives a "results outstanding" outcome when the student’s submission is received, but the marking of the submission is still in progress and the final mark is outstanding.

A student may start following up on their outstanding result from 21 July 2023 by sending an e-mail of enquiry to [email protected]


Not admitted to an examination

A student receives a "not admitted to examination" outcome if the student did not meet the examination admission criteria relevant to the module.

A student is required to re-register for the module.



A student receives an "absent-supplementary" outcome when the student failed to utilise the required proctoring tool during their first examination opportunity. 

Students who fail to utilise the proctoring tool in their second examination opportunity are required to re-register.


Script rejected

A student receives a “script rejected” outcome if a student did not use the required proctoring tool or submitted a password-protected or corrupt file in their second examination opportunity.

A student who is eligible for a second opportunity will automatically be deferred to the next examination opportunity of the affected module .

No further opportunities are granted to students after their second opportunity. Such students are requested to re-register for the applicable module(s) 


Disciplinary pending  

A student receives a disciplinary pending outcome if a student is suspected of academic dishonesty (see section 7 below).

Unisa recommend sre-registration of the module while the disciplinary process is still pending

When Unisa Students Will Receive Their Results 

Unisa has adopted a staggered approach to the release of the May/June 2023 results. This means that students will receive their May/June 2023 results on different dates. 

The university anticipates that most of the marks will be released by 7 July 2023. However, students who have not received their results can submit an enquiry to the university via email. 

Examination Opportunities 

Some students who were not successful in the May/June 2023 Unisa examinations will be afforded the opportunity to re-write some examinations. Undergraduate students are granted two examination opportunities per module. This means that undergraduate students automatically have an additional opportunity to write their examinations. 

A student registered for an undergraduate module is entitled to use two consecutive opportunities per module to take the examination. Except if College rules provide otherwise, a student may write the examination during either the first or the second examination opportunity.

Students who fail an exam on their second examination attempt are not entitled to an additional examination opportunity. These students will be required to re-register for the module. 

Due to the allowance of a second examination opportunity, undergraduate students may not apply for an Aegrotat examination. 

Unisa Aegrotat Applications Explained 

Postgraduate students who missed their first examination or assessment opportunity may submit an Aegrotat application to Unisa. 

An aegrotat exam is an examination administered by a student who has been prevented from preparing for the main examination, or who has been prevented from taking the main examination during an examination period as a result of illness or personal circumstances. 

Postgraduate students adversely affected by loadshedding, network challenges, or personal circumstances during examinations may apply for an aegrotat within 10 days of their scheduled examination. Aegrotat applications will not be processed for postgraduate students who missed their second examination opportunity.

Student Who Failed To Use Unisa’s Proctoring Tools 

Unisa uses proctoring tools during examinations to ensure academic integrity. Failure to use these tools will result in consequences. 

Students who failed to use the required proctoring tools during the first examination opportunity will be given another chance to take the exam in the next module examination. 

However, if they fail to use the required proctoring tools in the second examination opportunity, they will need to re-register for the relevant module.

Students who believed they were unfairly penalised for not using the proctoring tools can appeal the decision by completing an online appeal form.

Submission of Unisa Answer Scripts Challenges 

Students with irrecoverable corrupted scripts will be granted an additional opportunity to write in the next module examination, but re-registration is required. 

Unisa says individuals who submitted password-protected scripts were contacted to provide the relevant passwords. Unresolved password-protected scripts may require re-registration for the applicable module(s).

Students with answer script challenges will receive a result code 28/script rejected message on their academic transcripts. 

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