Over 5 Million Sassa Cards Will Expire Soon, Replace Yours Now

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Millions of cards were due to expire this year with Sassa then granting beneficiaries an extension. Now, the deadline nears and beneficiaries are urged to replace their Sassa cards as soon as they can.


On 31 December, 5.3 million Sassa cards will expire with beneficiaries having to replace their Sassa cards before this happens. In aid of this, Sassa and Postbank have initiated a Card Replacement Project Plan.

However, many of these Sassa card holders have been encouraged and made the decision to change their Sassa payment method to using a bank card.

Answering a question from a Member of Parliament, the Department of Social Development said:

The number of beneficiaries fluctuates on a daily basis as many beneficiaries have opted to migrate to other banks.

Many of these Sassa gold cards have already expired, however, beneficiaries can continue using them after Sassa extended the validity of Sassa gold cards until the end of the year. 

Postbank's Sassa Card Replacement Project Plan 

First, Postbank will deal with Sassa cards of beneficiaries who come from regions with the largest number of beneficiaries, making up 76% of beneficiaries. This includes Kwazulu-Natal, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

The second phase will then see them move on to the regions with the least number of beneficiaries. This makes up 24% and includes beneficiaries from Western Cape, North West, Free State and Northern Cape.

Should replacement cards not be available by 31 December, Postbank plans to extend the validity of the expiring cards. This is being discussed with VISA and the South African Reserve Bank.

The Department has also said:

Work is currently underway to meet the December deadline and Postbank will make necessary information available to the public.

Breakdown Of Expiring Sassa Cards

A total of 5 299 499 will be expiring at the end of the year. Here's a breakdown according to provinces:

  • Kwazulu-Natal: 1 120 702
  • Gauteng: 975 063
  • Eastern Cape: 745 994
  • Limpopo: 717 656
  • Mpumalanga: 490 188
  • Western Cape: 484 131
  • North West: 331 618
  • Free State: 323 604
  • Northern Cape: 110 542

Of these, 51 976 are for the Care Dependency grant, the majority is for the Child Support grant which is at a total of 3 394 434 and the Foster Child grant would see 70 221 Sassa cards expiring.

Those who receive both the Care Dependency Grant and Foster Care grant and will have their Sassa cards expire comes to 1 576. 331 314 Sassa cards for the Disability Grant will expire, 1 543 324 for the Old Age grant and only 7 for the War Veterans grant.

Here’s Where To Get A New Sassa Card

Beneficiaries whose current gold cards are expiring can collect a new Sassa gold card at a Post Office branch.

It is important to note that the Post Office will only issue gold cards to the person in whose name the expiring card is being issued. No person will be able to collect a new Sassa gold card on behalf of another unless they are registered as a Sassa procurator.

When You Can Collect A Gold Card

Mondays and Tuesdays are dedicated to issuing new gold cards to old age grant beneficiaries and disability grant beneficiaries. Wednesdays to Saturdays are dedicated to the issuance of new gold cards to beneficiaries of child support grants and all remaining grants.

What Is Needed To Collect A New Sassa Gold Card

  • South African Identity Document (ID)
  • Expiring Sassa gold card 

Sassa explained Post Office staff will assist grant beneficiaries in activating their new gold cards and selecting a PIN. Once this is completed, the card will be fully operational which allows grant recipients to make transactions and withdrawals.

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