What Is The Learnership Readiness Programme?

Are you interested in applying for a learnership, however, you have no idea where to start? Well, keep reading to find out more about the Learnership Readiness Programme and how it can help you get that learnership.


Jaryd Raizon from The Knowledge Trust shares his tips for those looking to apply for a learnership. He advises the youth to find a learnership that is relevant to the career that they would like to pursue.

Raizon has seen that the youth in South Africa are so desperate to find a learnership, that they are willing to apply for anything, which should not be the case.

If they apply for a learnership that is not suited to them, they will not be able to thrive in that environment and the opportunity would have done them no good.

According to Raizon, youth are not equipped with the proper soft skills or general principles to operate in a professional environment.

These skills include understanding a contract, knowing how to find and speak to a mentor, knowing how to plan their day, knowing how to manage time in general, and knowing how to communicate professionally.

The Knowledge Trust has developed a free programme called the Learnership Readiness Programme which is a zero-rated, fully online programme that is designed to provide young people with the best possible chance at getting and thriving in a Learnership.

The programme is a seven-step program, which is based on the book: "Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey.

Raizon recommends that every young person in the country take advantage of the programme as it will help them thrive as professionals and reach their career goals.

The programme has no cost and all the young person will need is a smart device to access it.

According to Raizon, the programme will provide youth with a higher chance of getting into a learnership and they will more likely thrive in the learnership.

These young people will also have a "high probability of being absorbed and retained after the fact."

The Learnership Readiness Programme will help to prevent the exploitation of young people in learnership contracts and ensure a successful learnership.

Within the programme, there are subjects which teach young people how to understand the contract, what standard contracts look like, and what is and what is not reasonable in a contract.

These subjects help prepare young people and help them identify red flags within contracts.

Through the programme, they will also learn how to negotiate their salaries, which is very important since many companies think that they can get away with underpaying their employees.

Therefore the mission of the Knowledge Trust is to make education more accessible to more people because " educated people make better decisions" as they know how to take the next steps from an informed basis.

Raizon encourages youth to invest in their future by taking part in the Learnership Readiness Programme.

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