School Calendar 2024 With All School Terms 2024 and School Holidays


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The school calendar for 2024 has been released by the Basic Education Department to confirm all of the school term and school holidays for 2024 for all public schools in the country. We have the full calendar that you can view and download.

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The Department of Basic Education has released the 2024 national school term calendar which confirms the starting date for school terms for all public schools across the country for this school year so you can see when school opening 2024 is. 

South Africa School Calendar 2024

In previous years the schools in coastal provinces started at a different time to schools located at inland provinces. The Basic Education Department has decided that all public schools across the country will now start and end their school terms at the same time for this school year.

South Africa School Terms 2024

Term 1 starts on the 17th of January. Term 2 starts on the 2nd of April. Term 3 starts on the 9th July. Term 4 starts on the 25th September.

No More Staggered School Terms in SA

Previously, when the school year started depended on the province a school was situated in. This staggered school calendar saw schools in South Africa divided into two clusters. The coastal cluster and the inland cluster would return to schools on different dates.

2024 School Calendar South Africa

The Inland group consists of the  Free State, Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West. The coastal cluster featured the Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, Northern Cape and the Western Cape. 

The Department didn't immediately explain why this change has been made. There will be the same number of teaching days each year. The impact might be felt at holiday resorts where more families will be present during the school holiday period - which will now be squeezed into a shorter period of time.

South Africa School Holidays 2024

Because the different provinces are now coordinated with their terms the South African school holidays for 2024 will be held at the same times. 

Public Holidays in South Africa 2024

1st January New Year's Day

21st March Human Rights Day

29th March Good Friday

27th April Freedom Day

1st May Workers' Day

16th June Youth Day

17th June Public Holiday

9th August National Women's Day

24th September Heritage Day

16th December Day of Reconciliation

25th December Christmas Day

26th December Day of Goodwill


South African School Calendar

School calendar terms

Download the School Term Calendar



Western Cape School Terms 2024

School Terms Western Cape

School Calendar 2024 KZN

2024 School Calendar KZN

2024 School Calendar Limpopo

School Holidays 2024 South Africa

Northern Cape School Calendar

Gauteng School Terms 2024

KZN School Terms 2024

School Calendar 2024 Gauteng

National Women's Day

Youth Day

Eastern Cape School Terms

Free State School Terms

School calendar

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