Almost 50 000 School Learners Unplaced In Gauteng

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While many learners know which Gauteng school they will attend in 2024, thousands remain unplaced. The provincial education department are currently working to place learners in schools around the province.

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The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) says they are working tirelessly to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to access quality education, especially those who are yet to be placed in schools. 

As of the latest update, a total of 47 101 learners, including 30 277 Grade 1 applicants and 16 824 Grade 8 learners, are awaiting placement in the Gauteng province.

The Department emphasises that all placements are made by strict priority criteria and the availability of space within the schools. These measures are essential to ensure that the placement process is fair and efficient.

For applicants who cannot be accommodated in their chosen schools due to space constraints, the Department is committed to offering transfer placements at the nearest schools with available space. This approach is part of the Department's ongoing commitment to providing every learner with the opportunity to receive an education.

Parents or guardians have the option to accept or decline the placement offers. If they choose to object to the placement, they can do so by declining the offer and completing an electronic objection form online. These objections must be submitted within seven days of receiving the placement offer.

It's essential to note that if placement is offered at one of the schools the parent initially applied to, no objection or appeal can be submitted.

All objections will be thoroughly investigated based on merit, and an outcome will be provided to the parent within 14 days of submission. In cases where the objection outcome is declined, parents may submit an appeal online within seven days of receiving the objection outcome.

The Department will process and respond to appeals within 14 to 21 days of receipt.

Parents should be aware that the appeal outcome is final, and it marks the conclusion of the placement process.

The Department uses special criteria to determine learners' placements in the province. This includes the learner's home address within the feeding zone, the previous school attended by siblings, the parents' work address, and the distance of the learner's home address from the school, categorised as within a 30km radius or beyond. 

Capacity Challenges 

Many schools in Gauteng often receive more placement applications than available space at the school. Some schools have received more than 2 600 learner placement applications while they only have space for around 200 learners. 

The GDE is taking various steps to address the urgent need for additional classroom space in high-pressure areas. They are in the process of setting up eight satellite schools, delivering mobile classrooms, and providing funds to schools to build extra classrooms. 

These efforts are aimed at accommodating the unplaced applicants and alleviating the pressure on schools that have already reached their capacity.

The Department has called on parents and guardians to work in partnership with them to facilitate the successful placement of learners in schools across the province.

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