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The Valenture Institute and UCT Online High School are currently hiring over 300 new staff members across South Africa - from teachers, mentors & learning coaches to teaching assistants, software developers, content creators & learning designers.

Practice makes perfect and I firmly believe this. With Siyavula Practice, you CAN master Maths and Physical Sciences. Their exam preparation helps you to apply what you’ve learnt to real life exam questions.

Tutoring is so much more than just having your questions answered. It's an opportunity to learn, understand and improve on what you already know. You'll work together with your tutor to identify which concepts you're struggling with, and then get the practice you need.

Revising for a few hours a day is much more beneficial than tackling it all in one go. You give your brain a chance to rest which, in turn, will allow you to do better on your exams. 

Maths literacy can help you make sense of the world around you. It’ll give you the skills to be more organised and plan ahead for your future - because maths literacy is everywhere.

Designers of tomorrow are more likely to be multi-skilled and have a range of experience, rather than a singular focus.

Consumer studies is not just about shopping for products or learning how to effectively manage and run a household. It's about understanding the social and economic effects of our choices, making better-informed decisions, and taking responsibility for the impact of our purchases on society. 

If you love the natural world, want to be involved in the medical field, or are keen on working in biological research, then a degree in biology is for you!

This is the only study guide you can trust to prepare for your matric exam. Don't leave your studies to chance. Get The Answer Series can help you be on your way to a brighter future.

As a Grade 11/12 learner, you may have questions about how what you are studying in Accounting becomes practical and relevant in the working world. As a courtesy, KPMG offers Grade 11/12 learners the opportunity to come in for job shadowing, where you will be exposed to what the life of a Chartered Accountant is all about.

Calling all secondary school learners! The 2021 SADC Secondary School Essay Competition is happening. Enter now and you could win your share of 1000 US dollars!

Matric may be over but the challenges aren’t. In an interview with Nonhlanhla Dube of Boston City Campus, things such as what Matrics should now do post-matric as well as what to do to keep your head above water were discussed.


In South Africa, very little maths research is conducted in well-resourced schools, which are generally located in middle class and wealthy suburbs. But there is research to suggest that grade 9 learners in these schools are about four years ahead of their counterparts in schools located in lower-income urban and rural areas.

It's that time of the year where many learners are drawing mind maps or scrambling to find extra learning resources just before exams start. Online apps have been the go-to for many learners and teachers since Covid-19 hit and Examsta is another great app to consider during this time. 

Change can be quite a difficult and overwhelming process for many first year students. When we speak about transitioning we refer it to moving from one level to another level. The learning dynamic is complex when starting university. 

The Science Education Centre at the University of Limpopo will be moving its science programmes online. The programmes promote science awareness and aim to not only educate learners in school but members of the public as well.

Choosing subjects in grade 9 can be a tough decision to make because these subjects can determine your future. An education expert says grade nines should weigh their options carefully before making the choice. 

The Gauteng Department of Education has opened online applications for grade 1 and grade 8 admissions for the 2021 school year.

Teachers and learners can now access Survival Guides made by Pearson. The Survival Guides have been developed as a resource to help teachers and learners successfully finish the 2020 academic year. 


The Answer Series provides useful study guides for high school learners in grades 8 to 12. Grade 12 learners can now access free video lessons on the Answer Series website.