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Are you currently in high school? Find everything you need for grades 8 to 12 under this section. Simply scroll down.

High school is such a fun and rewarding time in a students life. Although it may not seem like it at first, your high school years play a vital part in shaping you. 

Need advice on bullying? Need motivation? Need guidance? Need exam preparation resources? Need advice on how to revise effectively? Need to find out what you can become with the subjects you take in high school? Need to know about job shadowing? All of this can be found below. 

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The school calendar for 2024 has been released by the Basic Education Department to confirm all of the school term and school holidays for 2024 for all public schools in the country. We have the full calendar that you can view and download.

Reddam House Durbanville is proud to announce the exceptional results of its students who sat for the Cambridge International IGCSE examinations in June 2023. With an enduring commitment to academic excellence, the results clearly underline the hard work of the students and the dedication of the teaching staff.

The Answer Series provides useful study guides for high school learners in grades 8 to 12. Grade 12 learners can now access free video lessons on the Answer Series website.

Choosing grade ten subject can be daunting for learners but it's an important decision that needs to be taken. Most learners look to their parents for guidance.


As Matric learners all over the country prepare to write their final exams in a few weeks, this is a good news story of what can be achieved through tenacity, dedication, focus and hard work. Forty-eight bright young students in Grade 11 have achieved a remarkable 262 distinction (an average of 5,5 each) for their IGCSE exams – and a record-breaking 97.7% aggregate average, the highest ever achieved at Reddam House Durbanville.

Being a student is one of the most exciting times in your life. Like every student, you want to do your best and do well. But how can you achieve success?

The transition from Grade Nine to Grade Ten marks an important and eventful time in a student’s educational trajectory. One of the critical aspects of this transition is characterised by the selection of subject streams – coming up for all Grade Nines in the next few weeks – that essentially determine future study and career options, as well as a student’s performance in Matric. 

Many students who have done business studies in high school, may be interested in utilising the subject to further their studies. Here are some options you may want to consider if you're looking at putting your business studies knowledge to good use.

To be successful in high school and college or university, you need to choose subjects that suit your strengths and interests, but also ones that you plan to use later on in life. Here are some tips to help you make this important decision.

Not all schools in South Africa provide job shadowing for you to discover what a typical day is like in your chosen profession. In this article we will give you a few pointers on what you could do if job shadowing isn't accessible to you.

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Post-Matric Options


After completing your matric certificate exams, you are faced with a multitude of post-matric options that can shape your future paths.

These options range from pursuing higher education at universities or colleges, entering vocational training programs, joining the workforce, or even considering entrepreneurial ventures, each offering unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

You've probably been contemplating the next chapter of your life all throughout the year asking yourself, 'what am I going to study after I finish completing my matric certificate exams?', 'am I going to study? What else can I do when I pass'? Well, we can help.


Where to Study


General News

Applying for your Smart ID Card has gotten even easier as you can now apply online via e-Home Affairs. Here is how to apply, upload documents and pay for your application all from the comfort of your own home.