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Are you currently in high school? Find everything you need for grades 8 to 12 under this section. Simply scroll down.

High school is such a fun and rewarding time in a students life. Although it may not seem like it at first, your high school years play a vital part in shaping you. 

Need advice on bullying? Need motivation? Need guidance? Need exam preparation resources? Need advice on how to revise effectively? Need to find out what you can become with the subjects you take in high school? Need to know about job shadowing? All of this can be found below. 

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Being a student is one of the most exciting times in your life. Like every student, you want to do your best and do well. But how can you achieve success?

The transition from Grade Nine to Grade Ten marks an important and eventful time in a student’s educational trajectory. One of the critical aspects of this transition is characterised by the selection of subject streams – coming up for all Grade Nines in the next few weeks – that essentially determine future study and career options, as well as a student’s performance in Matric. 

Business studies is a part of business administration and has some very crucial roles in business world. Many students who have done business studies in high school, will be interested in furthering their career. With the constant changing economic climate and advancements in technology, there are many avenues for young professionals to explore for higher education.

To be successful in high school, college or university, you need to choose subjects that suit your strengths and interests. Having chosen the compulsory and optional subjects you will do, it is important that you choose your options wisely. Think about what you enjoy doing now and what you would like to study in the future.

Not all schools in South Africa provide job shadowing for you to discover what a typical day is like in your chosen profession. In this article we will give you a few pointers on what you could do if job shadowing isn't accessible to you.

Essays are written to teach, entertain and persuade. Essay writing is about a very structured approach to creating an argumentative or persuasive piece of writing.

Essays can be written on almost any subject.

Are you a college student? If so, then you’ve probably had to write an essay at some point during your education. Essay writing is part of many, if not all, academic courses.

Is your child in Grade 7 or currently in high school, however, you need to apply to a new high school and are not sure which steps to take? Well, here is what you need to know.

Parents of children in Grade 7 may be wondering when they should begin applying for high school. Well here is what they need to know.

Maluta Netshipale, the 2020/2021 Curro Serengeti Head Girl has secured the attention not only of one international university, but three.

Have you received your NBT results but you don't really know what they mean? Well we're here to help, keep reading to find out more.

If a student intends to take on Business Studies as one of their chosen subjects from grades 10-12, it is expected that the student will be required to complete a series of business essays centred upon the themes presented in Business Studies for that particular year. Here's how students can write such an essay.


The Valenture Institute and UCT Online High School are currently hiring over 300 new staff members across South Africa - from teachers, mentors & learning coaches to teaching assistants, software developers, content creators & learning designers.

Practice makes perfect and I firmly believe this. With Siyavula Practice, you CAN master Maths and Physical Sciences. Their exam preparation helps you to apply what you’ve learnt to real life exam questions.

Tutoring is so much more than just having your questions answered. It's an opportunity to learn, understand and improve on what you already know. You'll work together with your tutor to identify which concepts you're struggling with, and then get the practice you need.

Revising for a few hours a day is much more beneficial than tackling it all in one go. You give your brain a chance to rest which, in turn, will allow you to do better on your exams. 

Maths literacy can help you make sense of the world around you. It’ll give you the skills to be more organised and plan ahead for your future - because maths literacy is everywhere.

Designers of tomorrow are more likely to be multi-skilled and have a range of experience, rather than a singular focus.

Consumer studies is not just about shopping for products or learning how to effectively manage and run a household. It's about understanding the social and economic effects of our choices, making better-informed decisions, and taking responsibility for the impact of our purchases on society. 

If you love the natural world, want to be involved in the medical field, or are keen on working in biological research, then a degree in biology is for you!




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Doing an assignment is a process, believe it or not. Planning, time management and drafting will set you up for success. Approaching assignments like a project can help you get your head around it.  

There's no denying that preparing an assignment can be overwhelming. However, it doesn't have to be something you dread.