What Is The Difference Between Matric Rewrite and Matric Upgrade?

What Is The Difference Between Matric Rewrite and Matric Upgrade?

The National Senior Certificate examinations for matric students can be rewritten if students are unhappy with their results, but you may be wondering what the difference between a matric rewrite and matric upgrade is. Well keep reading to find out. 


If you have received your matric results and you're unhappy with the results you have achieved then you can apply to write the second national matric examinations, which was previously known as the supplementary exams.

So what is the difference between a matric rewrite and a matric upgrade?

A matric rewrite is done by a person who is younger than 21 years of age and it is for improving a maximum of 2 subjects. These school marks/class marks form part of the student's final mark on their matric certificate. The rewrite is usually done by people who have been out of high school for up to 5 years. 

Whereas a matric upgrade is when a person makes use of the Adult Matric exams to improve as many of their subjects as they would like. The matric upgrade can even be used to get a complete new set of final matric results by studying six subjects in the Adult Matric programme. 

Matric Upgrade is for those who wish to improve the marks of certain subjects without having to rewrite all the matric exams and Adult Matric is for those who have been out of school for more than 5 years and wish to complete matric. 

If you have been out of school for more than 5 years and you wish to write the matric exam then you can apply for the Amended Senior Certificate (SC), which is equivalent to the National Senior Certificate (NSC). 

The only difference between the NSC and the SC is that the NSC many you have completed matric through school assessments and exams but, the SC is only requires you to successfully complete the matric exams. 

The Department of Basic Education facilitates Matric rewrites through the Second Chance Matric Programme. The Programme provides support for NSC Supplementary Exams, NSC Progressed Learners, Amended Senior Certificate (SC) and Part-time NSC Candidates.

If students do not pass their second chance exams, then it does not mean they will never be able to get a matric qualification. You can apply to rewrite your matric year again, though you would have to wait slightly longer to achieve your academic goals.

There are many opportunities to obtain your matric qualification, so your academic goals do not have to come to a end if you did not receive the required results or haven't completed matric, there is still a chance for you to achieve your goal.

Visit the DBE website for more information on the Second Chance Matric Programme and Matric rewrites. 

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