How Much NBTs Cost and How To Pay


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If you plan on pursuing your tertiary studies then you may have to write NBTs in order to meet admission requirements at your preferred institution. Here is how much NBTs cost and how to pay. 

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The National Benchmark Test (NBT) is an examination which is set up by the National Benchmark Test Project. It is a set of tests which are used to assess a learner's academic literacy, general knowledge, and mathematical skill in order to measure academic readiness for university. 

There are two NBT tests: Core Maths (MAT) and Academic Quantitative Literacy (AQL), which are both multiple-choice tests with three hours writing time.

Here are the costs for the NBTs: 

  • AQL only:       R125
  • AQL and MAT: R250

Note: You may not write only the MAT test, you have to write the MAT test in addition to the AQL test. 

If you do wish to make changes to your online booking then you may do so until the closing date posted on the test schedule. 

So now that you've booked your NBT test date how do you pay? 

Well all NBT fees must be paid through EasyPay.

EasyPay Paypoints are found across South Africa at food stores such as Pick N Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, and Spar, as well as many other merchant sites.

All you have to do is take your NBT registration letter with you to an EasyPay Paypoint near you to pay. 

You may also pay on the EasyPay website and then print out your receipt.

If you live in an area where EasyPay Paypoints and online facilities are not available (International students and countries bordering South Africa), then you can make a direct deposit or EFT payment to the NBT Project as follows: 

Bank:                      Standard Bank

Account Name:         UCT

Account Number:      071503854

Branch Code:            025009

Reference:                NBT231500


These details are only for those students who do not have access to EasyPay Paypoints. 

Send confirmation of payment to the NBT Project by FAX:021-650-5331 or email:[email protected]

Include your 14-digit NBT Reference Number, your name and ID number when sending confirmation of payment. It is important that you send in your confirmation of payment because your NBT scores will not be released if the NBT Project does not receive proof of payment.

If the test session that you're registered and paid for is cancelled by the NBT Project and rescheduled for any reason, such as Covid-19 risk levels changing, then you do not have to pay to write the rescheduled test. 

Visit the NBT website for more information. 



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