Why Can't I Find The Learnership I Want On Careers Portal?

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We are often asked by our readers why they can't find the Learnership they want to sign up for when they review our lists of available Learnerships.  So we'd like to explain why you see the Learnerships that are on our site and why some aren't there.  We also explain when you can apply to take part in Learnerships.

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We are often asked by our readers why they can't find the Learnership they want to sign up for when they review our lists of available Learnerships. 

There are many hundreds of Learnership programmes that are developed and can be run to train people and help them to achieve qualifications.  However there is a limit for the roll out of Learnerships because they have to include workplace training at a company. So people can only be signed up onto a Learnership is there is a company that has agreed to give them space to work while they are doing the Learnershp.

This is a very severe limit to the number of people who can do Learnerships.  So you might have heard that there's a Learnership available that will lead to a qualification but you can't actually become a learner on the Learnership because no companies are running them at the moment.

At Careers Portal we search around all the contacts we have, and all available information sources, to find which Learnerships are available right now.  We at the Careers Portal don't have any control over which Learnerships are available at a particular time. All we can do is tell you what is available. We hope that our work, and the time that we spend will save you the time and money of searching for the available Learnerships.

Another question we are asked is when the application period, and closing dates, are for Learnerships.  This is all determined by the company that runs the Learnership and the company can run the programme at any time during the year. So unlike when colleges and universities run their courses, which have a strict start and end date, Learnerships can start at any time - determined by the company running the programme.

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