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Alan Hammond

AlanAlan Hammond is the CEO of Portal Publishing. Alan co-founded Portal Publishing with his mother Sylvia Hammond in 2003, with the launch of the Skills Portal website.  Before that Alan was an independent HR and skills development consultant. 

Alan learned about online publishing while working for the online publishing company from 1996 to 2002.  He started as an entertainment industry writer and rose to the rank of Managing Editor.  In his spare time Alan is a mountain biking enthusiast and a regular participant in his local parkrun.

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Alan's Articles:

Learners will return to school tomorrow with 96,7% of all schools ready to accept the pupils and apply by all Covid-19 safety measures.  The Minister of Basic Education has updated the country on the reopening which will see 13% of learners return on Monday (Grade 12 and Grade 7) and gave reassurance that the provinces are ready to receive them.

After much confusion with mixed messages and delays the national Minister of Basic Education released a statement on Sunday night to say that schools would not be open for learners on the 1st of June. However things will be different in the Western Cape.

Government Gazette

The Department of Basic Education have published a Government Gazette which formalises the rules for the return to school of learners under the national lockdown. It specifies what dates the different grades can return as well as the social distancing practices that must be put in place.

University of Pretoria is making plans for the phased return of students, as announced by the Higher Education Minister will be allowed under level 3 of the national lockdown. They have given some limited information to students on how this will happen.

Amnesty International US

Anger in the United States over the killing of unarmed black man George Floyd has spread across America with the protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota spreading to more than 20 other cities.

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