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Alan HammondAlan Hammond is the CEO of Portal Publishing. Alan co-founded Portal Publishing with his mother Sylvia Hammond in 2003, with the launch of the Skills Portal website.  Before that Alan was an independent HR and skills development consultant.  Alan learned about online publishing while working for the online publishing company from 1996 to 2002.  He started as an entertainment industry writer and rose to the rank of Managing Editor.

Alan studied at the University of Cape Town and holds an Honours Degree in Workplace Change & Labour Law from the Humanities Faculty, as well as the Associate in Management Certificate from the Graduate School of Business

Alan is the former Chair of the Publisher's Council of South Africa's association for online publishing, the IAB SA.

In his spare time Alan is a mountain biking enthusiast and a regular participant in his local parkrun.

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Articles by Alan:

The Stellenbosch University residence at the centre of an initiation and abuse scandal earlier this year, will be closed down at the end of this academic year. This was announced by University management who have accepted the report of an independent legal team which found that the, "symbolism and apparent practices at Wilgenhof  were connected to those of the KKK, Nazism and white supremacy".

Learnerships were developed by the South African government in recognition of a general low level of skills, and formal qualifications, in the workplace.  The Learnership has many benefits both to the companies who employ the learners, and the learners themselves. We have outlined some of the key benefits of Learnerships for you.

NSFAS has agreed with TVET College students that they can receive their allowances directly - and no longer through the unpopular 'fintech providers'. So all TVET College students must make sure they have an active bank account registered with NSFAS.

The Unisa Education centre, CEDU held an open day to promote their courses and other education options for Unisa students. Teaching is a very important profession for the country - and a very rewarding career for those special people who chose to take up teaching.


Students and their families who have been frustrated when they haven't received payments or even funding decisions were reassured by the Higher Education Minister that he is taking action to get them the answers - and the action - that they need.

The arguments around NSFAS allowances for students have been escalating in recent days, with university students calling for a national shutdown. Taking action to try to alleviate the problem, Minister Blade Nzimande announced late on Thursday night that the entire Board of NSFAS has been removed, which will allow the Minister to exert more direct control.

UPDATE: Due to the extensive storm damage in some areas in the Western Cape, schools in some districts will remain closed on Tuesday 9th April. We have all the details.


There were not one but five new millionaires after the lottery draw on Friday 5th April. The lottery operator say they are 'incredibly excited' but now they are focused on finding the five lucky winners so they can hand over their millions.

The registration of Damelin, Lyceum, City Varsity and Icesa City Campus has been revoked by the Higher Education Department which has left the future studies of 13 096 students in jeopardy. Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande has advised the students on the way forward for them.

200 young people trying to register at a TVET College in Durban have nowhere to stay after being scammed by a man who claimed to be a NSFAS official and had placed them temporarily in a building in the CBD.

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